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Soul and Blackstar vs Death the Kid - Soul Eater

Unfortunately, I couldn't find it subbed, and it's sooooo much funnier in Japanese! Soul and Blackstar have decided that they want to switch partners and become a team. Meanwhile, Kid shows up late on his first day because of symmetrical reasons, and finds himself confronted by these two loveable idiots, who quickly find that they don't make the best team after all! So they resolve to break up, but of course they're still friends, resulting in the most bromantic moment I've ever seen! I think this will forever be one of my favorite scenes!

Honorable Mentions

Idk what's worse, today's prompt or tomorrow's! How the hell am I supposed to pick those!? Well, I did my best!

Lucy Saves Loke - Fairy Tail

Loke's arc is still one of my favorites in Fairy Tail, and this scene has really stuck with me! Lucy was so adamant about saving Loke that she provoked the Spirit King, aka "Stache-Face" (lol!), and her emotions were so powerful that she summoned all of her spirits, her friends, and convinced the Spirit King to give Loke another chance. I think it was a very important moment for Lucy.

Ed x Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Oh, these two are so perfect together! Winry is seeing Ed off as he departs to explore the world. She tries to give him instructions to take care of his automail, but he doesn't seem to be listening, so she reminds him to make an appointment when he inevitably breaks it. Just as he's about to get on the train, Ed basically proposes, using the alchemical principle of equivalent exchange, and Winry just kinda throws it back in his face, offering her whole life instead of half, but then back-pedaling to more like 85%! They're both such dorks, it's just meant to be!

Capyper Land Finale - Noragami Aragoto OVA2

This entire OVA was so adorable! Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine finally got to go to Capyper Land together, and as the night approached the finale, Hiyori began to suffer an acute case of PTSD from when she had been there before and Fujisaki, who is later revealed to be Yato's father, had kissed her. I love how Yukine was just like "I don't know them" when they were making a scene about it! Once they kind of cool down, everyone has these sweet moments (this was a very ship-heavy episode, which I have no complaints about <3), but, of course, nothing ends well around Kofuku, and Hiyori fails to protect Yato's innocence, in spite of her valiant effort! I just can't stop smiling when I watch this!


I know I featured team JNPR in depth a few days ago (if you missed it, you can check it out HERE), but I'm not done fangirling about my favorite team! This battle really shows the essence of all that is awesome about JNPR! Just watch it and thank me later!
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Wow watching this made me remember why I hate English voice actor's dubbing anime (most of the time). It amazes me how they can get English shows(the language, not the country.(although I am English #EnglandFo'Life)) so right with the voice acting like adventure time but get it so catastrophically wrong with an anime like this. P.S. I do love your choice. Just annoyed by the knives being stabbed in my ears. Soul Eater is a all time favourite so I completely approve 😉
@arnelli lol, "Renji, catch!"
@DavanteDante96 yeah, since Soul Eater was one of my first anime, I watched it dubbed, but now that I'm more used to subbed, it was a little uncomfortable watching that, but, like I said, I couldn't find a subbed video😔 So yeah, I totally get what you're saying! Anyways, thank you! It's nice to meet another Soul Eater lover! (not that they're hard to find, but still!)
@OtakuDemon10 School Days is impressive, considering just how much it was able to change everyone's view of the MC, but it was very frustrating.