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guys I Seen a card not to long ago and it made me realize namjoon leader of BTS is not appreciated brought for what he has done for us and it makes me mad he has so much hate so I'm making a book for him who wants the main female role
His never been appreciated from "A.R.M.Y" he been hated probably since he debut or since he release his mix tape.
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@milcalopez963 I see this voting thing and rapmonie had the lowest votes out of all
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@JaeneashaJones I know right . It really is annoying the fact that his so nice and has to put up with some "fans" and their insults honestly if I were to meet him I would asked for an autograph or a picture I would just straight up say " keep it real and be strong don't listen to nobody and keep your head up " I feel like he needs to hear this every now and then ..
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@milcalopez963 same and I would tell he remember what your hyung said when you think of insults say I don't give a damn I don't give shit
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@JaeneashaJones did Suga say that??? Lol 馃槀馃槀
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