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Ello Adorbs!

Reporter Taemi here! Here is what everyone been waiting for. A final decision to be made! An agreement has been finally made between SM & former EXO members, Kris and Luhan. It seems like the case with Tao and SM has not yet made an agreement but I know very soon, it's coming! The court recommended for the two parties to reconcile, and the final agreement dictated that Kris and Luhan's exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment stay in force until 2022 as was originally written up. SM's representative law firm announced through an official press release on July 21st, "We cannot disclose the details of the agreement but in accordance to the court's ruling and the agreement of the parties involved, Kris and Luhan's exclusive contracts will be effective until 2022 as originally contracted." The press released further revealed, "Kris and Luhan, excluding areas in Korea and Japan, will entrust jurisdiction rights entirely to SM Entertainment, and Kris and Luhan will share a part of their revenues with SM Entertainment. Needless to say, Kris and Luhan will not promote as members of EXO."


Woowww! So basically Kris and Luhan's contact with SM will continue up untill 2022! Which was originally contracted. I'm going to be honest, when they said that they will not promote as EXO members, I was kinda hurt because I really wish it can be like the old times.. OT12 feels!! :'( BUT! at the same time, NO! because they were mistreated! They don't deserve that. Kris, Luhan, Tao deserves to be happy. Why go back and get mistreated again?! SM needs to let them go! Period. Let them be free and do what they want. I think SM just want the money, they don't care about them. I'm pretty sure most of you think that too. As most of everyone said, " its a slave contract". Well you know we love to hear everyone's opinion about this. Comment down below your thoughts and expectations! *Photos does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners.

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I seriously hate SM, it's all about the money! Why ?! Why can't they get in their shoes and see what is like to be threated like that?! It really just pisses me off, Tao, Kris and Luhan deserve so much more, but luckily in in a few more years they will be finally free from SM
@JaxomB The contract legally binds them to work related things. The reason for them leaving is because of racism. Yes they have to legally abide by SM and it sucks. But still it's not the first time this has ever happened. And it's obviously not going to be the last.
@MelissaGarcia to be frank I think it is all the Chinese members this would not have been the 1st time. they also miss treated hangeng (hankyung) a former member of super junior. he actually won his case against SM.
These guys signed contracts, and legally, have to abide by them. They both knew what they were getting in to when they signed the contracts. It gets fully explained to them for just this reason. The whole entertainment industry has been carefully watching these cases to see the final outcome. SM could not let it go, as this is almost a 'test case' for contract legality. If the contracts were nullified, then it would give anyone that was unhappy with their contract a way out, ultimately making contracts not worth the paper they were written on. This is a much bigger issue than just SM vs Kris and Luhan. I just feel bad for the 9 remaining members of EXO. They are the innocent parties in the whole thing.
so I got a question? Is or was all members of EXO being mistreated or was just the Chinese members? I always wonder about that.
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