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~(Simon POV)~

I raise an eyebrow as I walked over to Lavi, with a blanket. She looked like she was freezing, thanks to the central air, being cold. "I'm being serious, we need to talk, Kiseok oppa." I hum, while putting the blanket around her, and taking the helmet. "I heard you, but you look cold. Don't need you getting sick."
She didn't argue with me, and let me guild her to the couch. "My window is short here. I'll take that risk, if it means I can talk to you one on one." She talked like she wasn't going to be able to talk to me ever again.
I crouch down in front of her, and patted her knees. "What's the matter, Lavi-ah? You're even calling me by my name and saying oppa. I can tell this is important." She looked like she was struggling to find her voice, so I did was Chacha told me to do.
I read her body language, and saw she was hurting and sad. "No matter what ever happens to us, promise me, you will always believe me. You know I would never lie to you at all. Its my job to protect you and make your life easier. I care about you too so much, that I even do that when I'm off close."
I smiled warmly at her, as she spoke what I just told Chacha. "Kiseok oppa, you have no idea how much I care about you. You've broke through a long time ago, I was just scared to tell you, cause you might get cocky."
A small smile appear along her lips, but tears were starting to roll down her cheeks. It click in my head that she was actually opening up to me finally. It warm my heart to see her actually open up to me.
"Oppa, please don't let anyone take you from me. I don't mind being your little sister, but remember to trust I will always be true to you. Even when I take a bullet for you." I felt my chest tighten when she said 'little sister'.
For some reason that didn't feel right to me. My heart was screaming, it could tell, she was in love with me. So why was she putting herself in the friend-zone. Then is register, I have a girlfriend now. I was someone she could no longer have, but did she hide it too.
I was going to tell her how I felt when my phone rang. She smile so softly, I felt my heart melting, as she signal for me to answer it. I looked over at my phone, and saw it was Nari calling me. Lavi, had lean in and saw it was my girlfriend as well.
A soft sigh had escaped her lips, as the look of defeat wash over her entire being. "Go ahead Kiseok oppa, talk to her... I said my peace." Lavi lean forward, and kissed my forehead, before ditching the blanket and taking her helmet. "Lavi."
I stood up with her, and grabbed her arm to stop her. She had actually shown me the side she was always hiding from me. Even gave me the kiss of trust. I have yet to see her do that to everyone. I pulled her into my arms, and kissed her forehead as well.
I wanted her to know I trusted her, and acknowledge how she was feeling. She lean into me a bit, and I could feel her arms getting ready to wrap around me, but my phone went off again. Lavi pull away, and put on her helmet.
She waves goodbye, and left me standing there with a ringing phone in my hand. I mental was slapping myself, because now I understood what Chacha meant finally. He was telling me that Lavi had feelings for me.
How the hell was I so blind to it? Was it because she was doing her best to hide it, that I didn't notice it. I looked down at my phone, and sighed heavily. I was happy with Nari, but I realized, I have grown fond of Lavi.
Just didn't know in what way that was, sister, or lover. I answered Nari's third attempt to call me, and held back a sigh. "I'm sorry oppa, are you busy?" I looked at the doorway, as if hoping Lavi to come back in. "Ne, sorry I was focusing on this new track." I lied right through my teeth, to hide the special moment I had with Lavi.

~(Lavi POV)~

I took my helmet off once I was in the elevator, so I could breathe better. I had to come in when Simon called me his sister to Chase (ChaCha). I only ease dropped, because I needed to catch my breath from running up the stairs, after parking my baby.
When Chase came out the room, I hit him with the helmet. He was startled to see me, and looked scared because I had caught him hinting to Simon, I liked him. He mouth the word, 'sorry' before waving for me to go in and talk to him.
I still hadn't fully caught my breath at the moment, but I had to tell him. I was lightly banging my head against the elevator wall. I confessed in my own way, but I swear I failed at it, and life. I just headed to my motorcycle, and put my helmet back on. I got a text message from Max, before I started up my bike.
From Max:
'She found out you went to see Simon.
I did try to stall her, but she saw through me.'
I sighed heavily, as I just drove back to the gym in the company. I had to get my stuff and change back into my normal clothes, since it was a cold, even for a summer night. Lucky for me the company wasn't that far from AOMG's company, by motorcycle.
So I had gotten back in no time, and even got my same parking spot. Once I had made my way into the gym, a fist met my face in seconds. I fell back on my behind, and held my face to see it was Nari.
"Bitch, you think I wouldn't find out you met up with my boyfriend in private. Just you wait and see, I'll have you fired." I held my jaw, where she had punched me, and just started at her.
She went to go kick me, when Max picked her up and spun her away from me. "THAT'S ENOUGH!" Nari turn to attack Max, but he caught her arm. "You already in danger of losing your career for laying your hands on the heiress of this company."
He pointed to the security camera that caught the whole action. She flipped her hair and looked away full of arrogance. "Whatever, I got other ways to get to her without physical force." She glared at me, as lean forward a bit.
"Enjoy what little time you got left at AOMG. Cause once I'm done, Jay Park will be the one personally firing you." She turn around and went to the locker rooms. Max came over, and help me get back up. "Did you see Simon?"
He whispered softly, while checking my jaw. I winch in pain whilst humming that I did see him. "He lied to her then, cause he said he was working." I looked up at Max, whom had a big stupid grin on his face. "Did you tell her I was going to see him?"
He shook his head no, before looking over his shoulder. "She ask where you went, I said you had business to take care of... she saw through it." I just pop my next, to get the pain in my jaw to dull down.
"She can lay her hands on me all she wants, but his she harms anyone from AOMG. I'll kill her." I pointed her direction, when she came out in normal attire. She heard every word I had said and put her hands on her hips.
I step to her, but left a good distance between us. "You are to low level to get me fired. Plus the CEO's of AOMG know what it takes to make me harm someone. So who do you think they'll believe. You or me?" I smirked, and harshly brush my arm against hers, before going into the locker room for my self.
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