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Bonnie and Clyde is a song by Dean. As with all his songs the video is very colorful and shows some very expressive images. Such as DEAN shooting himself in the head and the girl being tossed around the room. These dark images lead to a great story. Also this is my interpretation of the video. No hate and if you disagree please comment.
First, he calls the girl over to watch a movie. He actually loves her. They watch a movie called till we die. This is foreshadowing that this relationship will be until they die. He later has a one night stand with her. Also the gun that he stands in front is also is foreshadowing of what he will die by.
They are living parallel lives to the movie. As the characters in the movie have a one night stand they do as well. As the characters die in the movie so does Dean and the girl in the real world. The video show blood on the car. If you did not know the original Bonnie and Clyde died in their car. Showing that the movie versions died. I think in the real world the girl regretted having a one night stand with him and told him. He loved her so when she said that she did not like what she did with him he got angry. The are lyrics that are being sung at this time are "i want want you to know babe I want you to know how much I love you how much I need you. Therefore throwing her around the room because of the anger he felt he possibly killed her.
He greatly regrets this so he ends up killing himself. Ending both worlds. This is supported by the lyrics he is singing when we kills himself. He sings " I am going to the guy who made you cry. BANG BANG!". He was the one that made her cry. Also the mv show images of cities and building falling signifying the end of that time. So that ends the mv.
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written by @leximintkgtopty