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[Event] Nakama Intro Day 6 &7 Final:

Hi Guys I'm Back Finally Cuz I Was Sick This Pass Few Days TTuTT Poor Me
I'm Really Sorry For Super Late Upload And I Know That This Event Last A Few Days Ago But I Would Really Want To Finish It Since I Was Sick Ok Now Lets Get Started
Who Would Be My Anime Rival/Anemy? As U Can See I Just Pick Aisaka Taiga Randomly Cuz I Don't Really Know Who Would Be My Rival Or Enemy. Aisaka Would Be My Rival Cuz Were Both Tsundere (lmao) And Small And Cute
Who Would Be My Life Companion? My Life Companion Would Be Usui Takumi Because He Can Do Anything His Athletic, Good At Cooking And Many Many More Well Thats All For This Nakama Weekly Intro Hope U Guys Like It And I'm Really Sorry For The Late Upload @hikaymn
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