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Tetsuya Kuroko of Seirin High. Doesn't have a specific position. His goal is to add misdirection to the game helping his team. Jersey #11.
Taiga Kagami of Seiren High. Ace/Power Forward Jersey #10
Ryōta Kise of Kaijō High. Small Forward Jersey #7
Shintarō Midorima of Shūtoku High (One of The 3 Kings of Tokyo). Shooting Guard Jersey #6
Daiki Aomine of Tōō High. Ace/Power Forward Jersey #5
Seijūrō Akashi of Rakuzan High. Point Guard Jersey #4
Atsushi Murasakibara of Yōsen High. Center Jersey #9
Kuroko's pet ^ This little cuties name is Tetsuya #2 xD
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Kuroko is so Kawaii 😍 @animerg13
@Boinx he is so much like me, I kinda think of him as my anime twin brother. 😂
murasakibara is my spirit animal
@SeoInHan thought you might enjoy this card 😄
@Boinx *heavy breathing* OF COURSE I DO