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鞎堧厱, it's me! XD Hey guys, So I made a card a LONG LONG time ago telling you guys that I was getting my grandma into kpop. If you remember the very last two texts grandma says something about a song from Jay Park. I have managed to keep this conversation from coming up for a while.....until today. Here's the link so your memory can be refreshed: ( )
So...Me and grandma go to the gym, like we always do, and do our regular thing. At one point we're on the treadmills just walking because we do NOT run (unless there's food involved.) Grandma sees me listening to music and asks can she listen too. Me, not caring, I say, "Yeah. Sure."
BIG MISTAKE! The minute I give her the other earbud the song monster by exo ends and Jay Park sex trip comes on.
If only yall could see my face and my grandma face. Grandma was all like I almost forgot because of you. You need to get to explaining right now!
Now I'm just explaining this at the gym, in the car, at Sonic, Wal-Mart, the gas station, and at the house. I decide to show her some videos. I start with sex trip and ended with welcome. S/N: I know some of you are thinking how can you and your grandma just casually watch those videos? Well, me and my grandma just that cool with each other. We consider ourselves MVPs. What my grandma said after watching welcome started a playful war btw us. She said, "I think I've found me a new bias!"
I was like, "WHAT! You can't take my bias like that!" She sings, "Don't believe me just watch!" (from the uptown funk song) and legit dances out of the room. (I finally figured out where my craziness came from) I swear my family and friends are just crazy and weird. But I am too so..... who cares. Maybe I should start doing storytime videos like this. To give you guys a better visual of what's been happening. What do you guys think?
Your Grandma rocks like oh my goodness, if only my actual parents acted like that towards it!! They always make fun of it when it comes on D: But anyways... YOUR GRANDMOTHER IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL
Oh I remember that post. I can't believe it happened to you again haha. Your grandma is like my favorite person that I dint know
I'm done with you both xD
馃槀馃槀馃槀 Sounds like my abuela!
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