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artfulImpersonator is the cosplay group that made me want to start cosplaying. They are amazing and create great cosplay skits and instructional videos. They try to bring happiness and kindness to the cosplay community. I hope to be able to meet them at a con one day. You can find them on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantArt, Facebook, Cosplay Amino, and Instagram.
They've been cosplaying for a long time.
The group has many people in it that come and go, but the main 3 cosplayers are KE, KW, and Rabbit.
They have a series on their channel called Cosplayer Weeks. In this series, they vlog each week and show themselves going to events and working on cosplay. It adds a smile to my face every week and shows how much time and work goes into a cosplay.
Each week they inspire me to cosplay! Everyone should check them out and give them a subscribe or follow.
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That's awesome!! I'll deff check them out :) thanks for the rec!