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Alright y'all so here we go again!! Haha oh my @amogbigbang what did you do to me... here we go
My hubby for this sextrip is none other than Mr. Elo himself!! haha look at that face. Jay won't need to know
Oooh la la... Jeju Island with the candles lit.. uh oh he knows how to get to me. haha Jay might be in trouble
Well damn. I must have been an angel with Jay wearing white.. Black with Elo!! haha ummm no words. Jay does not need to know
That's all I can say
Aww man see look at what he did. He got the bubbly and the chocolate with a bath drawn. and rose petals! sorry not sorry Jay!
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Haha poor Jay XD
@CrookedShadow Lol what you mean poor Jay!! haha its all his fault
@MarrickeJ33 Haha that's true 😂😂😂😂
@CrookedShadow finally someone agrees with me!!