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So I must've missed the message ....but apparently Seungri is fat??? . . . -The following is from the show "Girls Fighting"-
(He started talking about how people called him fat also after one of the constants on the show was described as fat...)
same lol^^ I freaking love him ❤❤
but seriously though when people tell me that Seungri is fat ....I'm just like ...."where ??"
Recent It's not clicking 😂
Y'all hold my earnings I am about to fight the bitches who called him fat. If someone wants to help I am would be more than happy!! I am on a rant Himchan is fat? Well he can bring his fat ass (not even bitch) over here., and I will treat him lovely....Namjoon ugly....where? My baby Leo ugly....I will cut a bitch.....ok...rant done...I have to adult now...laundry don't fold itself.
I hate that these "fans" wanna always call someone fat or ugly...he isn't even looking at you...bye Felicia! !!