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If any of you hate Namjoon please unfollow me right now. Honestly Namjoon/Rapmonster is the nicest person if you actually see what he does. In their Bon Voyage series going on right now who was the person who helped Jimin get their lost items back by calling the company? It was Namjoon. To be honest if it weren't for him Bangtan wouldn't be as out there as it is today. If I recall Jungkook joined Bangtan because he was amazed by Namjoon's rapping. Now I'm not saying you must like Namjoon all I'm saying is that you shouldn't hate on a member of a group. You're not even a fan if you do that. To be a part of a fandom I'm pretty sure you're supposed to like the group as a whole. Please do not hate on Namjoon anymore. I mean even my boyfriend likes Namjoon!

Support for Namjoon Please!

How can you hate something so precious? To be honest he was the reason I got attracted to Bangtan.

I mean come on if you hate on him you're obviously insane.

Look at this adorable Monster of Destruction yes I know it's God of Destruction, but I say monster XD!

He's perfect just like all the other members. Without Rapmon, Bangtan wouldn't be the same. SO STOP IT YOU HATERS!

He's just doing his thing! So shhhhh all I am saying is to love him come on love him it's so lovable he's not ugly. If you say he's ugly than you need an eye check XD!

Bye Bye thank you for your precious time! If you hate Namjoon or any BTS member THEN GTFO!!

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Heart to you all unless you hate on Namjoon or any BTS member! οΌˆοΌ΅γƒ»Ο‰γƒ»οΌ‰βŠƒβ€

I thought this was over and everyone was loving but apparently not... I'm pretty disappointed with how all groups have that one person who is not as well liked as the others and that's bullshit. All the members are equal, yes of course you have that one person in that group that you like more than the rest (your bias) but other than that they should be treated equal. But I don't know that just my personal opinion
How anybody could hate him perplexes me.. He's AMAZING in every sense of the word.! #MyBias
Is this some kind of non-kpop event or something cuz I don't wanna be invited πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Jk EF WHO EVER HATE KIM NAMJOON
Even though Yoongi is my UB! Namjoon comes next on my bias list. He was also the reason I became a fan of BTS. When I saw Dope! Also can we talk about how sweet and sensitive he is? Plus does dimples tho~~
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