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I literally came up with that name on the spot 0-0 What do you think you like? No? ok.

Anyway! I may not have been in the first week of our astro week post cards but here I am now! Now I've already made a card about knowing rocky or you probably know all about him >.<
If not, click on this card
so I will give you something that rocky would like to share you all...

woah rocky I didn't mean that!

Calm down ladies and gents! This wasn't what rocky wanted to show right rocky?? >_> *Glares at Rocky*

His dancing!

Rocky: Alright let's do this...


Body rolls level: rocky

Uptown funk and nae nae up in here!!

How ya'll doing???

Look at rocky showing us how to do the Hide And Seek dance while Eun Woo explains it

Ohhh we're not done yet!

Rocky being all smooth and sh*t

FABULOUS ROCKY yass work it work it work it~

Omg that majestic twirl~

Lets finish it off with a Bang~

Rocky's sexiness ft. Mr Moon-Bin-will-steal-yo-girl

This precious bean is just to precious to be the most precious thing in the world, i think the precious bean needs to be the most precious precious king of all the precious kingdom..


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"Rocky's sexiness ft. Mr Moon-Bin-will-steal-yo-girl" no kidding! lmao im dying 😂😂
Rocky is a very talented dancer ☺
where has this been all my lifeee
The name is so cute!!! and he is so cute too!!!
my bias😍
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