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August 25, 2015 i meant my bad
@GiovanniSolorza yeah, but Uub is introduced in Z ten years after Buu's defeat, so its not like they're contradictory, and Goku even mentioned him when looking for fighters for the Universal tournament, but he changed his mind saying he was too young.
@MalcolmAllen fair point... but all I remember is them saying asexual, I always assumed the spitting was like a last resort.
@AdamDean asexual reproduction is just when a living organism can reproduce without need a partner.
@MalcolmAllen I know that, but most cases are cells splitting apart, some what I'm asking is if normal Namekian reproduction is like that, mitosis, or if it's always the egg spitting? I know King Piccolo had tambourine and drum from spitting but they were only partial Namekians.