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Sacrificial 30 Days of Block B Challenge: Day 20
Ayeeeeeee. We gon get down to business right away, a'ight?
Right, favorite dance. Hmm. Well I honestly don't peg Block B as that big of a dance group, at least not as big into dance as MonstaX, Seventeen, or BTS is. But yeah, I admit they've had some classic originals for some dances. Like for Her, I love that groovy, funky, whatever it is in the chorus. But my favorite dance belongs to~


I love Toy's dance because while it isn't an incredibly upbeat song, the choreography is still killer with the rhythym! It's very refreshing to the eyes, especially... um...
:'^) No need for further explanation. Here's the dance practice so you can see the choreography that goes beyond the MV.
Thanks for hanging out!
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