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I'll confess, the first time I ate bibimbap I ate it incorrectly.

I didn't mix it all up!

When you get 비빔밥 it comes all nicely organized on top of rice (밥) and then you're supposed to mix it (비비다)

That's why its called 비빔밥 - literally "mixed rice!!!"

So, an easy way to remember the verb for 'to mix' is to remember 비빔밥 :D

Who else LOOOOOOOOOVES this dish?!

Me!!! Lol one of my favorites. But I learned you have to let it sit for a minute and then mix. You get that nice crispy bottom that way.
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When I first ate it I didn't know it was supposed to mixed also so the lady just took my plate and mixed it for me😂😂
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Now I know what to do when I get it. So I won't embarass myself 😂😂
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it's sooooo good but i did the same thing 😪
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I make it regularly. it is one of my favorite dishes
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