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잘 생겼어 be handsome!

(jal saeng-gyeoss-eo) But what does it REALLY mean?

생기다 means to be formed

잘 means well

so 잘 생겼어 literally means you were formed well HAHAHAHHAH

On the other hand, 못 생겼어 means wasn't formed well...

(moht saeng-gyeoss-eo)

Aka ugly :(

Who do YOU think is 잘 생겼어?

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I have an app that tests me before I can unlock my phone and I swear I got the question twice for handsome the second time was this morning
a year ago·Reply
@QueenLee it's called Learn Korean it's a little blue icon with a white ㅎ on it
a year ago·Reply
진! *-* 잔짜 잘생겼다
a year ago·Reply
EVERYONE IS FORMED WELL IN THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD (sorry i had to😂😂😂😘) Bts,got7,monsta x,nu'est,exo,shinee,etc....💖💖💖😵
a year ago·Reply