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You heard that right Melodies! Today is Frisky Friday with Minhyuk. This man is very very gorgeous and he likes to flaunt it. Let's start this off with some shirtless Minhyuk. Yes? Do I hear screams? Omg the fangirls are running this way! Put your shirt down Minhyuk! Too late, Run! Just kidding. This man introduces himself as the sexy one. Shall we see why?
Haha Ilhoon be sneaking us a peak at those abs.. Cute belly button!

That's just not...How do I even move on with my day now. *SIGH*

Have you all died like I have? Staring at those glorious abs. Figured we would get those chocolate abs out of the way first. Well that brings a close to this weeks Minhyuk card. Look forward to next weeks.
I'm dead now. he is so perfect I don't know what to do with myself. this is one of the reasons he's my ub
He is just....wow! And watching him run...whoa...
@Helixx @IsoldaPazo hahaha why not open the gates and show the abs right away right 😉😉😉
like why you have to be such a tease...he's so far away from here lol
DAMN. damn. DAMN. damn! Uh....... damn!
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