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this has legit been me since I did not have vingpe for a while. I have no one to talk about K-pop with!
So my ultimate bias still T.O.P from big bang, but I now have a runner up and it is...
Jungkook from BTS!!!! I swear this dude when I first noticed him I was nonstop watching their dance practice of silver spoon. that is the craziest most epic dance I've ever seen. but when I was watching it I noticed jungkook and I was like WOW.
I'm currently watching Doctors, I'm so in love with this drama especially because park shin hey is in it!!! and of course that second male lead syndrome got me but it is a really good drama so I highly recommend it
so I recently downloaded the snow app, an it is pretty cute add me if you have it @sarahwifi I have a snapchat mainly for idols add me there to @sarahwiifii and the same for instagram. on all three it's mainly for stuff involving kpop/kdramas so add me!! haha well I'm glad to be back I love this place!