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~(Lavi POV)~

It was a new day, and I wasn't going to let some bitch ruin it. I walked into AOMG's coffee shop and got my usual drink, and Simon's as well. I check my face, in my reflection on the glass. Nari's punch did bruise my face, but I put make on to cover it.
Well, I had the make up girls at Royal do it for me. "You're order is all set, Miss Ryan." I looked up and went to grab it when I noticed Simon's drink wasn't there. "Um, I'm missing a beverage." The girl looked confused as her boss came over.
"Simon already got his order, his girlfriend brought it to him." I looked up at the male barista and simply nodded with a smile. "Alright, thank you for letting me know." I took a sip of my drink, as the female barista touch my free hand.
"If it makes you feel better, we spit in her drink." I arched an eyebrow mid-sip, as I realize, Nari was being a bitch to her too. I looked around, and gave her a big tip and winked at her. She giggled, as she walked away smiling.
It was nice knowing I had an ally against Nari, somewhere in AOMG. I headed up stairs, and was greeted by Chase first. "Heads up, she's here and claiming you don't like her." I stop drinking, and bit on the lid to my drink.
I looked up at Chase, and made a silly face, making me giggle. "I know its not true, cause if it was... you would of told me." I looked around, before taking him into the nearest empty room, which sadly was a broom closet.
I turn on the light, and pointed to the faint purple/blue marking on my face. Chase lean in, and held my chin to look at it better. "Are you covering up a bruise or a hickey?" I softly laughed, as I removed his hand from my chin.
"Nari sucker punish me, after I came back from seeing Simon. She the one that started everything, but its true, I don't like her. But as long as she makes Simon happy, and does lay a hand on any of you. I will keep my mouth shut."
Chase took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. He put his hands in his pockets, before opening the door, and waving for me to go first. I went ahead of him, but I could tell he wasn't happy about all of this.
Though, he did gladly escort me to the lounge, were everyone was hangout. Hyun-Jung (Hoody) was the only one that got up and ran over to hug me. "Dongsaeng! I'm jealous of them, cause they all got to see you before me."
Hoody took me under wing the day I agree to come back and work with AOMG. She had taught me all her tricks to dealing with them all. Even the one that told me to depend on Chase. She was only a year older than me, but she had so much to teach me.
"Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you yesterday, Hyun-Jung unnie. I owed Chase dinner, so I took him out last night." Hyun-Jung teased me as she coo-ed over me, and made a joke about Chase and I dating. Chase complain and pouted, as I just enjoy the taunting.
"You know you and Chacha -ah would make a cute couple." Nari spoke, as she try to be sweet. She was sitting on Simon's lap, with his arms around her. "I'm not good enough to Chase oppa. He deserves a queen that will treat him like a King. Not a Knight."
I patted Chase's shoulder earning a smile from him. "Yah! Now all of sudden, were your oppas? Did you miss us that much when you left for the States?" Min Taek (Elo) complain as he pouted.
"Only person here that's not oppa is the troll that's holding the beauty." I smiled as I waved towards Simon. Everyone Laughed as Simon threw a pillow my way, but missed. "There is something we do need to address, before you go off with Simon to his schedule."
Jay said, as she smiled whilst being serious. "I know you and Nari are from the same company. Is there a problem between you two?" All eyes were on me, as I mentally told myself to be numb.
"No, not at all. We're cool as long as she does right by Simon-ssi. As well as the rest of AOMG members." Chase petted my head getting me to smile warmly. "Good answer." He whispered softly, near my ear, so I heard his praise.
I stuck my tongue out at him, before checking my phone, for Simon's schedule. "Enjoy your play time, Simon-ssi, you got an hour." He gave me his standard arrogant look with a smirk. He then gave all of his attention to Nari.
She glance over at me and smirked deviously, when she knew no one was looking. I swear she was asking for me to do something. Everyone bought the act though, except for Chase, who knew she was faker than her chest and butt.
"Excuse me, Miss Ryan?" Everyone turn to look at a gentleman in a black suit. "I'm here to cover for you. The chief of Security is requesting to see you."
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