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To be honest, I don't really have one particular cosplayer who inspires me. Everyone who cosplays inspires me. I see a lot of good cosplay, and some not so good cosplay, i see people who look like specific characters and people who don't, yet they still make it work. I see cosplayers who only do makeup and body paint and I see people who only make armor. There are so many cosplayers and so many good cosplays out there that every single one inspires me to do my best. Every year, I go to comic con and I meet so many interesting people. It's hard to say I only have one inspiration when the entire community inspires me. I see different styles and versions of the same character and I think it's amazing that a group of people could cosplay the same character and yet everyone has a different costume on. But anyways, since I couldn't make up my mind, here's a picture of Kelen Ord. @hikaymm
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That's an awesome answer & I have to agree!!! There are so many peopel who inspire me, too. Every person who looks impressive inspires me!! haha