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yeah this is me! specially for Tokyo ghoul- unravel! and psycho pass season 1. what everyone's favorite anime song? I also remember having the full metal alchemist cd! cd yall! that was years ago and the whole album was freaking awesone!
hahahahah yes Tokyo ghoul and pysco pass got me like that also parasite.
@luulu yes! I forgot about parasite , that one is one of my favs too
@LuffyNewman man that was a fun game! for play station I also loved kingdom hearts, I'm a xbox girl now tho lol
@Miichi haha I think I remember him. I just remember beating it over and over bc it was one of my favorite games to play. Wish they would have created a new one for current systems I've always been wanting to play a brotherhood based one.
@LuffyNewman I played the game too! I remember ( kind of) being stuck with this stupid frog boss.
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