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yeah this is me! specially for Tokyo ghoul- unravel! and psycho pass season 1. what everyone's favorite anime song? I also remember having the full metal alchemist cd! cd yall! that was years ago and the whole album was freaking awesone!
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Haha FMA cd!! I had the FMA PlayStation 2 video game!! Played it so much haha
@LuffyNewman I played the game too! I remember ( kind of) being stuck with this stupid frog boss.
@Miichi haha I think I remember him. I just remember beating it over and over bc it was one of my favorite games to play. Wish they would have created a new one for current systems I've always been wanting to play a brotherhood based one.
@LuffyNewman man that was a fun game! for play station I also loved kingdom hearts, I'm a xbox girl now tho lol
@Miichi it was, I didn't play kingdom hearts much but it looked cool. I always played anime games mostly. I haven't played any video games in years besides when I visit my buddy's and play Naruto or an anime game otherwise Pokemon Go is as far as it gets. Haha I don't even play any regular phone app games. If I'm free n gonna relax I'm mainly watching anime 24/7 or reading a new manga I got. No video games here though haha. Guess I got bored. Unless it's like N64 and older then I'll play some old systems but nothing new. Haha, rather watch anime or be outside n longboard or something haha.