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So here are my results for this game.... I got this from @amobigbang Bare with me this is my first card on here 😅😅😅
Ugh I wasn't even trying to get baby daddy, but look at God!! 😭❤️🙌
Ayyyyeee Hawaii here we come 😎🌊💃
Cute!!!! Two of my favorite things: Black and made of lace?? Yasss ❤️❤️❤️
Actually not even surprised... 😐😐 lol that's okay. With those tattoos and his nice bod, these will do just fine 😘😂
This I can see happening. Like waterfalls and its purple, my fav color? Yeah the fun would definitely be the most intense here 😁😜😎👌
I appreciate the gift but umm what is it?? 😅😅😅 A cheetah brooch perhaps?? Lol it doesn't matter I love it 😊❤️ Okay well that's all. I hope I did this correctly. My bad if it turns out suckish 😅😅
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