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it's Hanbin Thursday!!!! today I'll just spazz at how cute he looks in white XD YASSS! ALRIGHT THAN! WHAT TIME IS IT!!!? SHOW TIME!!! LEGGO
here we have the majestic B.I with that gaze that make you feel some type of way mmm! xD well then.... here we have B.I with that rested bitch face of his. pst whatever bruh! I can spazz all I want excuse me! lol
but can we all agree that his smile is just so cute but ugly lol xD does that make sense?! lol
OMG!!!! look at him!! looking so adorable and shy and cute and handsome and I love him because he Hanbin and he awesome and I can't stop staring at his face... God please bless my soul because I am sinning xD
See my Minniebin!!! what a ugly cute smile of his lol its like his smile is cute but it's not xD but that what makes it cute...O.o you get me lol right..? xD
seriously my favorite outfit if his by far because he can really work white legit tho.
LOOK AT HIS FREAKING CUTE LIPS!!! let me touch yo face!!! b.i! stop teasing me with them cute lips of yours boi!!
queue Jhope!! "My heart... I heart my heart!!"
How does he make that duck face look so effin CUTE HE NEED TO STOP BECAUSE HE GOT ME CRYING XD
seriously though I respect B.I for all his hard work he's done. I'm proud of him and all the ikon member they all went through alot to get where they are now!! like every group they all mess up as rookies and they learn and as fans we understand and respect! PREACH!! lol
Asfhdhsffafdagfagsgsggsgsfsgdsasfsfeaasdfgdf.... he so cute!!!!! okay okay I'm done breathe in breathe out....breathe in breathe out... Alright all done with white clothes day with Hanbin!!!
Omo wait that not what i meant!!! Hanbin! stop boi!! keep your clothing on!! (-////-) "fans self"
Boi it's not funny that naughty! THAT A NO-NO! there are children xD Okey dokey.... YO!.... sorry I had too lol anyways that it for today hope you enjoy ^///^
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he has such a dorky smile and that's why ots so cute. I love it he's too adorable