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Okay so some time ago I saw this gif of namjoon picking up a little girl and playing with her, it looked like they were at a daycare or something can somone tell me what show is that from?? its driving me crazy! I can't remember! so ARMY's please help me find it.
@RJ1996 Lmao good thing you found it. It was driving me crazy because I didn't know the name. xD
@RJ1996 Can i see the gif plz
Was he spinning her around in his arms?
@sinisterbangel @VatcheeAfandi99 I don't have the gif. I just remember seeing it somewhere but I did find where it was from. it was the show called Hope Dilevery.
@RJ1996 I can't find it. D: I first found the gif of it, and was hoping someone would've commented on it or out a hashtag on where it came from, but there's nothing. Also, anything I type online to try to find it, nothing comes up.
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