4 years ago
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goodbye ... n goodnite y'all
YongHwa ~ CN Blue
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Ahahaha @neaa in my face, talk yo the hand... Lol.
4 years ago·Reply
@katieloidlei lol.. yonghwa always reminds me of you.. though i dont like the angry look
4 years ago·Reply
ohhh yongie' allowed a little downtime, i find they always over extend themselves to their fan ... :) ... love 'em!!
4 years ago·Reply
Really neaa? Maybe hes just tired. But whatever hes mood is, he will always be my rockstar. Yes @divalycious a little downtime sometime i sooo love them too.. Oh btw.. I love your name.. Divalycious...
4 years ago·Reply
yes.. maybe.. they are stars.. busy busy bees!!
4 years ago·Reply