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Being in a funk is never NOT awkward for all parties involved.

What do you do when your friend is in the dumps? Or when you're in a bad mood, what can your friends do to help you?

(Personally, I'd prefer to be left alone. Or fed delicious things. Whenever I'm sad, just buy me junk food, okay?)
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I honestly can't be in a bad mood around my best friends, they have known me so long, they can just look at me in a certain way and I'll burst out laughing. But when I'm alone and I'm sad, I usually listen to music, turn on my fairy lights, and watch the ceiling fan.
going to do that next time some one tells me to cheer up. freak the out come completely and the walk away when they are lost that might make me feel better
To me, nothing helps.. I just try keep my self busy and not thinking about the fact that I'm sad.
@EdenLi What do you like to do?
@wollivierre HAHAH Yes, it works every time.