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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 1 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Y/N's POV You were standing on top of the roof looking down through binoculars at your next hit sight. You better be getting something out of someone tonight or a certain someone you knew was going to get hurt. You were in your black corset with the buckles on the side. Your leather pants with your black boots that had roughly a two inch heel. The place you were scoping out was a vampire bar, humans rarely went in their unless they were claimed by the vampire visiting or they had a bondage fetish. Seeing the vampires walking in the club brought a smile to your face as you said into your ear piece, "Like lambs to the slaughter." "Y/N don't mention lamb I've been hungry all day, you didn't feed me." a voice whined from the other side. "You're a grown wolf Jackson you don't need me to get your food. If you're hungry go hunting." "It's no fun hunting alone." "Yeah it is, you should try it sometime." you said smirking. You spotted your mark just as Jackson said, "Meanie." "Bingo." You stood up and walked towards the door heading off the roof. "Alright make sure you're in position for me okay, I'll make sure to get you a really great dinner." "Oh man I love you Y/N!" he said excited. You could practically hear the giant smile spreading across his face. You took the ear piece out and put it away. You made sure your weapons were secure and you took the elevator down. You walked out of the building and headed straight for the door. You had sunglasses on despite there being no sun out. The bouncer looked at you and asked for your name once you got to him. "Sylus." you said. He looked at the clipboard he was holding and he looked up at you, "Name isn't on the list." You placed a hand on his shoulder and moved close. You were looking into his eyes even behind the sunglasses and you seductively said, "Look again." He looked down and his eyebrows twitched noting the name but you could tell he was wondering how he missed it. He nodded you inside and you gave him a bright white smile. You walked in taking off the glasses, the room was dark enough without the shades. As you walked through the large sea of dry humping vampires you saw a few of them had started looking at you. You kept your head moving around looking for your target. Till you finally locked eyes with the vampire you wanted: Haneul. You walked over to him and bit your lip, you made your way over to him as other vampires came up to you, you held up a hand stopping them from talking to you. You took off your ring and placed it on the table in front of them and stood there looking down at him. "You command a lot of attention human." he said. "I've noticed." you said smiling at him. You eyed him lustfully hoping he'd fall for the trap. Vampire men seemed to always be after sex especially when they didn't have a claim. He fell quickly for your charms as he waved you over. You walked closer to him carefully, his bodyguards moved out of the way. You straddled him immediately and his hands wasted no time groping your breast through your corset. His eyes glowing yellow before turning back to their original brown color. You watched him bite his lip. You started to roll your hips a little to spur him on more, "You smell delicious." he said "So I've been told." you whispered. He leaned up to get to your neck and you backed up. He chuckled, "Don't act scared now." "Oh baby, I'm not scared I just don't want you getting too excited. I'm looking for someone, I wanted to know if you could help." you said flirtatiously. You pulled out a pin and pressed it into your thumb allowing a plush red drop of blood form. You pressed it to his lips marking them with your blood. His breathing became ragged as he inhaled your scent and licked his lips hungrily. The taste of your blood drove him crazy. It drove every vampire crazy. "So will you help me?" you said smirking. "I'll give you whatever you want if you let me taste that again." "Sure thing. First let me show you a little trick." You stood up and turned to the other vampires, you looked down at your ring and smiled. You put your sunglasses on and you slightly said, "Three, two, one. Bam!" Your ring opened up beams of light blinding the vampires in the club. "Catch me if you can." you teased. You ran off taking the back exist and putting your ear piece back in. Vampires had the perk of having heightened senses but the down fall was that they were also super sensitive as well. High frequency sounds that humans couldn't hear hurt vampires, it even makes their ears bleed. Your ring had mock sunlight, UV rays, that shined for a moment in a huge flash temporarily stunning the vampires in the club. There eyes were burning and their skin probably stung too from the light but it bought you enough time to piss them all off and lure them to your hunting ground. "Jackson is everything ready?" you said into the ear piece. "Yeah." he responded. You made your way to the center waiting. Suddenly you were pushed down, a hand against your neck. You were chocking but you could see the face of the vampire you pissed off. Then screams came in the distance. You had pressed the button to the devices you and Jackson set up. The vampires you lured out with him were now burning, while he was looking up at the screaming in the darkness you pulled out your sliver knuckles and punched him in the face. His flesh was ripped off and sticking to your silver knuckles. You you sucked in hair as you rolled over. You stood up and brought out the silver knives you were packing and stuck them into his hands quickly. He screamed out in pain as you hovered over him. "Such filthy hands, you touched me without permission." you said amused "You fucking bitch!" "Whoa watch your language. A lady is present." "All I see is a whore." he said in anger. You chuckled, "Now, now just because a girl goes and sits in your lap doesn't mean you can just go and fuck her. You vampires all the same, taking what you want just because you think you can." You sat up straight with a sigh. You pulled out another knife and held it up to his neck. "Who the Fuck are you?" Haneul said. "The name's Y/N but most of your buddies know me as Huntress." He cursed again now realizing what he had done. Your reputation spoke for itself. The baddest Vampire Hunter that ever existed. "I don't know where he is." He already knew what you wanted. It amused you, word was getting out which means he knew you were coming for him. That was good you wanted that bastard shaking in his boots. Paranoid as hell that any and everyone around him could lead you to him. You wanted him dead. "Now see I think you're lying." you said You stuck the knife in his chest, the opposite side of his heart and he screamed. The screams of his fallen friends had disappeared and his now filled the air. "Haneul I should've told you earlier that I hate liars. You're in no position to hold back so either tell me what I want to know...Or die. Either way I win. So how bout it buddy, where the hell is he?" "I. Don't. Know. Only people close to him know where he hides." "Why is he hiding from me? I thought he would want to reclaim what he lost. I'm so lonely without him. Help me reconcile with him, would yah?" you said sarcastically. He looked back at you with disgust. You stopped smiling and got serious. "Give me a name." you said. "I don't know their names." "Oh okay, then well you're no longer needed." you said nonchalantly. You pulled your hand back to hit his throat till he yelled, "Okay okay! Son Hyun woo, he goes by the name Shownu. He belongs to a group called Monsta x along with six other boys. They're the closest to him and also the strongest. Their group owns plenty of vampire territories." "Where can I find him?" "I don't know you'd have to go to one of their places. There's a bar up in Seoul called X clan they own the bar, you can try there." he spoke quickly. His voice was getting husky, the blood being drained from him was making him weak and he was slowly dying. You sighed and stood up, taking your knives with you. "Thanks that's all I needed to know Haneul." you smiled and turned around. You could hear him struggling to get up. You stopped and turned around, "Then again leaving you alive would only cause more problems." You whipped out your gun shooting a bullet with a wooden core into his heart. He didn't have a second to think and instantly he was ash. You exhaled heavily and then wiped off your blades. You turned off the UV devices that were around and began to hurry away. You knew Jackson was supposed to be waiting for you so you moved quickly. You could hear foot steps behind you though, these wouldn't be the foot steps of vampires though. These were humans and quite possibly vampire hunters. You stopped running and turned around to see seven boys standing before you. You looked at them annoyed, "What do you want?" you said. "You're very impressive Huntress." a deep voiced boy with mint hair spoke. "Yeah, I know. What's a vampire doing hanging out with six humans anyway?" "How did you know he's a vampire?" the innocent looking one said. You looked at him and then back to the mint haired one. You smiled, "That look he's giving me is because he can smell my blood. His eyes keep flashing back and forth which means he's just baby he can't control it. Vampire Hunters need to know how to tell the difference between vampires and humans just by looking at them anyway. Pale skin isn't enough. Anyway what do you want, I don't recall asking for an audience when I go hunting." You said. "We want you to join us, or rather we'd like to help you." The one that seemed like the leader stepped up. He had blonde hair and it was shaved down on both sides. He was really good looking too. You smiled, "No thanks, I hunt alone." You began to turn and walk away when some called for you, "Wait!" You stopped moving, "You're going to Seoul right, to find Changkyun. We can help." You turned your head interest. You turned around to face the one who was speaking. It was the innocent looking one. "You have my attention." you said. An orange haired one stepped up next, "We have a few vampire hunter friends in Seoul. The guy that vampire named, one of our men knows him. If you get to him, you get Changkyun." "You do realize I'm not hunting for sport. And if Changkyun finds out you helped in all of this you could die." you said now focusing on the mint one again. "Can't get much deader than he already is." said the one with a deep voice he was standing behind the orange one. Before you could respond you were rushed by the mint haired one. You were on the ground with him hovering over you. He was trying to bite down on your neck. He was young he probably couldn't handle your scent as well as the older ones. You tried to push him off but he bit down on you anyway. You groaned before you issued a whistle into the night. You could hear his friends say, "Yoongi stop! Get off her." They were all too nervous to come closer though. He was a more ravenous vampire especially for a new born. He must've lost his maker and that's why he has no idea how to feed. It didn't take long for a large wolf to come by and force Yoongi off of you. The wolf growled loudly, staring straight at Yoongi. Yoongi grab his shoulder and pushed it back in place. He was panting and your blood was falling from his lips. The wolf got into a position that looked like he was about to lunge at him, you quickly called out, "Jackson don't he's a baby!" Jackson, in his wolf form, looked back at you and sort of nodded to you. He came back over using his nose to nudge against you to see if you were alright. Your eyes were on Yoongi as Jackson allowed you to wrap your arm around his large neck and helped you up.. Yoongi was marveling at the taste of your blood, your blood had that effect on vampires, it made them act out but every reaction was different. "What the hell are you? You're amazing, this taste- I've never tasted this before. W-what are you?" You looked at him, his pupils dilated now, you whispered to Jackson, "Break his neck." Jackson ran behind Yoongi after you let him go and he quickly changed back into his human form and snapped Yoongi's neck while he was looking at you still hungry. "Yoongi!" his friends screamed in unison. You looked to them still holding your neck where he bit you. "The only way to kill a vampire is to cut off their head, put a stake through their heart or have them meet the sun everyone knows that. He's fine." "Jackson?" the boy with the blonde hair said. "Namjoon? What are you doing with this guy? Y/N what did I miss?" Jackson asked you. You raised your eyebrows shocked that those two knew each other. "Apparently we all missed a lot. Let's go, the sun will be up soon." You said. You began walking and Jackson shifted back into a giant wolf. He had Yoongi on his back and the six boys followed behind you back to Jackson's place. Jackson was a wolf Prince and he was put in charge of protecting you by his father after you saved his life. Jackson didn't mind for two reasons: you save his dad being the obvious one and the second was because you brought him food. The kind of food his wolf half needed to stay strong. He was your best companion despite how much you said you preferred to hunt alone. Jackson took Yoongi to a guest room, his home was a mansion and it was certainly fit for a King, he'd probably make all the boys stay. You preferred small spaces but you didn't complain because they showed such great hospitality. Namjoon led his boys in the living room with you; he wasn't surprised by the home so he must've been here before because the others were in awe of where you two stayed. You had them sit down and introduce themselves to you. The one that looked innocent said, "I'm Jeon Jungkook." After him was the orange haired one, "Park Jimin." After him was the deep voiced one, "Kim Taehyung." The ones that were silent said, "I'm Jung Hoseok." "And I'm Kim Seokjin." "So what do you guys want in exchange for helping me out?" you asked. "The man that turned Yoongi, it was Changkyun. He left him for dead though." Namjoon answered. "He killed his girlfriend right before his eyes and then when she died he commanded Yoongi to drink from her. He's never drank from a human sense then. Well until he drank from you." Taehyung said. "I don't hold it against him my blood has a funny effect on Vampires. I only had Jackson break his neck because if he hadn't he would've attacked you guys too." You said. "We're his friend Yoongi would never hurt us." Jimin said. "Not intentionally no but if Changkyun gave him the order he would. He wouldn't have a choice progenys always obey their makers. Although in this case, Yoongi would've attacked because my blood would've made him. The effect is always different but it all ends the same, they have a hunger that over powers them." "Why is it only your blood?" Seokjin asked you. You shrugged and leaned back against the couch. You knew why but you weren't stupid enough to tell them. Besides with Yoongi just upstairs, asleep or not he'd be able to hear you and you'd be damned before you let yet another vampire take advantage of you. You used your bloods effect on vampires to help you hunt nothing more. "So it's safe to say you want Changkyun dead just as much as I do but what do you think will happen to Yoongi after that? He'll still be a vampire, that doesn't change." You said. "He'll have peace." Hoseok said. You chuckled, "Peace doesn't exist in this world. It's just a slight illusion humans allow ourselves to believe. It's like love, nothing but damned illusions. Mere tools to use against one another." You said disinterested. Namjoon stared at you and you looked back at him, your body now sweating. You took in a shaky breath to calm yourself. Jackson came into the room seeing you eyeing Namjoon. "Y/N you need to go get something to eat. That bite is already getting to you." Jackson said. You looked at him thinking about refusing but you couldn't. You stood up and went into the kitchen grabbing a bowl and throwing food items into it. When you came back, you sat the bowl down in front of you and ate slowly. Jackson was talking to Namjoon very seriously, asking him how he got himself in the vampire hunting business. He was explaining Yoongi's situation to him and at the end of it Jackson turned to you, "We have to help them." "I told you I prefer hunting alone." "I know but even you know if you go after Changkyun alone he'll kill you or worse." Jackson said. "What's worse than being dead?" Hoseok said. You looked up at him from eating grapes and said, "The hell your friend is living right now. You have no idea the hell it is to live for centuries watching the people you love dying right before your eyes. When Vampires say forever, they have to mean it. Which is why progeny's are mostly loyal to their makers, they have that connection." You answered. "I just want him dead." The soft raspy voice came from beside you. Everyone looked at him while you continued to eat. You nodded at him, "So do I but if I involve your friends they could die too. Would you enjoy watching him kill them too?" He was quickly in front of you but you knew you were pulling at nerves. You smiled and held up your gun to his chest. The boys behind him were all stiff. Jackson just sighed expecting things to turn out like this. "Get upset all you want. You and I have both seen Changkyun's wrath. He may look sweet and innocent but the demon that lies behind that smile would rip them apart with no mercy. If you want me to help you then fine I'll help but you have to be ready for what comes next. If they come with use you are running the risk of getting them killed as well." "If I leave them alone they'll die here too." he said in almost a growl. You smirked and leaned back pulling you gun back from his chest and placing it back in your holster behind your jacket. "You're probably right, Vampires here are ruthless but not compared to him. Fine, if you want them to come, their lives are your responsibility not mine. I could careless if they died, they're not my fucking friends." You said. You pushed Yoongi away and he actually stumbled back into the table as you stood up. You looked back at him and you saw Jackson's face. He looked disapproving of your words more than your actions. You weren't always harsh and critical but after Changkyun you had become revenge fueled. Your words were harsh and you stopped caring who you hurt, you were brutally honest. Your heart was gone because he took it from you, you couldn't feel anything anymore. You were just hollow. You began to walk towards the door, "Making you watch the ones you love die is classic Changkyun. You want to act like a scary vampire believe me Yoongi I've seen worse, endured worse," You looked at his friends, "I've done worse." you finished. You turned around, "I need to rest. Jackson can you do me a favor and book last minute flights to Seoul. We'll need a coffin for Yoongi otherwise he won't make it there alive." "Sure but what's the plan Y/N?" "I'll let you know when I've thought of one." you said. You walked up the stairs to sleep. The memories that haunted you most nights flooding back to torment you again. The man behind all that blood and rage, you were closer to killing him now. Closer to ending your nightmares.
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