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more random bigbang pics and such I have saved on my phone~
@alyssadonnell you're lucky you can pick a UB. I am so indecisive that I am lucky to ever keep just one or two favorites in a group. often it ends up I love everyone in the group and can't choose for squat, let alone choose out of all of them haha
@Bwolfgirl That's me with GD. I love the whole group so much but Jiyong is my ultimate bias so he has a special place in my heart.
@alyssadonnell it started with Top ironically, since I loved his voice, and that's how my friend introduced me to the group. but I shortly fell in love with taeyang and just couldn't get away from him after that. I love all in the group now, but he'll always be extra special ^^
@Bwolfgirl He's perfection so I see where you're love of him comes from ❤
maybe a little 😍 @alyssadonnell
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