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Hii everyone!!!! My name is Iyana Nelson/ Shin Min Young!!!!! My bestfriend @parktaemi calls me Baby Markson because I love Jackson and Mark. I'm from Detroit, Michigan and I'm 14. I go to Renaissance Highschool. I love to sing and dance. i know every bts and got7 dance i know a lot more. I love kpop and American music. Kpop is my life. I have a wattpad follow me @igot70109in. I love everyone!!!!! I hope we can all be Chingu's
My best friend forever❤❤❤ @parktaemi
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@alyssagelet818 Thank you so are you ❤❤❤❤ and I looked on google and it was this link so I typed in my name and that's how I got my Korean name.
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@stefanitre thank you so much
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Thank you @nnatalieg and of course we can be friends
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thank you @tigerlily84
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Hello and warm welcome to you!! :)
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