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this is all the pics and gifs I saved from the K-pop amino app I joined a whole back. it's a great community, similar to this one. if you haven't seen the app, I'd definitely recommend it~ there may be a higher possibility of double pics/gifs since I changed phones and it duplicated most of these and I still am finding these after nearly a year of going through my gallery -.-'
@YongRaviZiMon I love seeing families who are cool with their kids interests. even if they don't like it, they still support it ^^
My Mom only knows Yongguk, Namjoon, Ravi and Zico, but that's because those are my top biases. She also Recognizes Jimin because I Showed her the video with him saying "EXCUSE ME!" And she has wanted to adopt him as her son ever since. Me and my dad don't talk about Kpop that much, but We've Talked about Namjoon before, but He doesn't know what he looks like, even though I have a Huge Poster of him hanging in my room. My dad probably knows Yongguk because I have two IPod cases with him on them, Posters of him all over my room, and On Pinterest, My username is "Yongguk's wife." With him as my Profile pic
@Tania538 haha it's my family basically at this point. my parents don't recognize them by face, but my dad is learning group names, is starting to like the music, and is in love with a variety of authentic Korean foods. so the conversion has begun on my end as well~ 😈
The first one is my mom Everywhere 😭
@Bwolfgirl yeah, me too. 🤗 both of my parents really like Kpop, but My mom knows more about it than my dad.
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