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This summer has been SO HOT so far.

I feel like I can't go outside for longer than 5 minutes before turning into a sweaty mess of a human being. Apparently, here in the US, the East Coast, Chicago area, AND Southwestern area are all experience a pretty huge heatwave.

How's the weather near you? Are any of you actually kind of cold?

(If so, please 'hadouken' some cold air toward California, thank you.)
Texas. It's like living in an oven. It never stops being hot.
@JustinaNguyen That sounds really refreshing! Where do you live?
@RobertMarsh If you had to choose between super hot weather or super cold weather, which would you pick?
Surprisingly the weather has been pretty cool this summer. It's been in the 70s almost all the time lately and I'm totally loving it.
힘내요... this will pass and soon everyone will be complaining about the cold weather again... ㅋㅋㅋ
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