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This is a project I decided to do for Amber since she is coming to KCON LA this year! I am such a big fan of Amber & I know a lot of others are as well! So I hope many fellow fans at KCON LA will participate! You all know Amber's song Need To Feel Needed right? And you've seen the video clip on her YouTube channel? Well we're all going to make our own video clip to this song!
Project: Fan version of Amber's Need To Feel Needed! While I am around KCON I will have a video camera to record anyone who wants to be part of this project and all you have to do is jam out to this song! Simple enough! You can sing, dance, bob your head to the beat, whatever you want to do as log as you have fun with it & If you have some quick words you want to say as a fan of Amber I will record it too! Then I will put it all together and post it on my YouTube channel (Transcended Hearts) My hope is that there will be a fan engagement for Amber so we will all be in ome spot at the same time and we can all sing the chorus together before the fan engagement. Even so for anyone who wants to participate can send me a message on my Kakaotalk (ID : katiems) or mention my twitter (@katiems63) and ask to meet me somewhere inside the convention. I am only one fan so I dont know if anyone will want to participate, but I think it would be fun so please join in & share the love as a fan of Amber at KCONLA 2016!!
I don't live in LA, but can I still make a video of me talking? She's my literal inspiration and she means so much to me.
awe I wish I could but I am not able to go to KCon this year T.T
man I wish I was living in LA/I wish I had a car to go to Kcon in LA but book I'm suck here in Sunnyvale TX about to be in school soon I help 😣😣😣😣😣
@MichelleIbarra @AimeeH @lolImbetter09 yes if you would like to semd me a short clip thats fine! ^^