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Alas. It has come. The final day. The final challenge.
But guys, if you think about it *goes into Rapmonster-like monologue* it was only ten days. Ten days of what will be a very self-fulfilling quarter. We challenge ourselves because it gives us that chance of self improvement, to better ourselves and come to terms with the fact if we can willingly face challenges, we can overcome even those that take us by surprise. It's best to never give up, because in the end, you'll only regret what you missed out on... The dank memes tho. Also the other challenges we'll have lined up for you ;'D.
Day 10: Appreciation for least favourite member. Guys. I don't have a least favourite member. . . . BUT I DO HAVE THIS RANDOM NAME SPINNER THAT WILL CHOOSE FOR ME :'D And the winner of the spinner is...
. . .


Guys the spinner chose. Not me. Don't worry Vernon, I'm as fond of you as I am to the other members.
And you know it. Let's appreciate, shall we?
He's really a great guy. Super ambitious ever since he was a kid.
This kid.
He's got a bright smile (and eye smi) even if he doesn't think so.
And he's great to us fans!! I even provided some Vernon memes!
Watch some insightful videos to better your knowledge~
(It's worth your time)
Okay I just love everything he did in OFD. Vernon is a very special and unique guy in the Kpop world. Here's to more of that in the future!
. . . Folks. This marks the end of this challenge. I want to thank all who viewed, participated, considered participating but didn't, etc. See you next time around! Lucky Carats~ @IsoldaPazo @Mikim000 @VatcheeAfandi99 @awkwardjazzy Seventeen Taglist~ @Roxy1903 @kpopandkimchi @Zyxzj @EwSeungkwan @Atomshair @B1A4BTS5ever @ChelseaJay @MrsJungHoseok @Maahhrri @SimplyAwkward @EunwooTrash @AegyoBunny @Insfired @PrettieeEmm @Lexxcisco @AmberFranco @jluma21 @Exoexo @TheEnlightment @elainarenea