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JB in motion...
related gifs/ Jb in motion is just such a beautiful thing!

*puts head phone in a sexy manner*

*drops in a sexy manner*

*embarrassed* still sexy!

*pulls around in a sexy manner* I'm taken by that smile!

he is literally doing nothing and it's amazing! ㅜ_ㅜ don't judge lol I hope you guys can appreciate JB in leather jacket as much as I do. (ps) lately I have been posting much more about Jackson, I will try to mix around and use all members =) sorry for the stan and thank you guys for following !
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@ChaErica *cries*
a year ago·Reply
well start my day off by dying. seems legit
a year ago·Reply
I wanna see him with snake bites again
a year ago·Reply
He is so perfect! I can't!
a year ago·Reply
I love his smile...he is so cute & sexy all at the same time!! 😍😙💕
a year ago·Reply