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i was never soo fond of jang geun suk oppa mb bcs he is just soooo pretty lols sorry oppa u have 2 hear dis even with these pics i tried my best finding manly pics of him and here they are enjoy and i am glad 2 say dis my thghts and opinion r changing now i seem to like him more and more and he is the prince of Asia and also he is a really sweet guy so shall we missz him Happy birthday :) <3 Seungill chukahae hamida oppa i wish u success good health lots of love long life ang good future a head happy birthday :) <3
@natalia326 its k and it happens :) relax and smile :)
@masridaniela thankyou and eidmubarak 2 u 2 sis :)
@saharjalpari9 Aid Mubarak !!! have a nice time !!!
I feel bad calling Lee Min ho the Prince of Asia! :( It's true that Jang Geun Suk is the Prince of Asia when you really think about it... I agree with @GAYATHRI and @saharjalpari9 :) this has been on my mind all night because I felt bad giving Lee Min ho the wrong Jang Geun Suk's rightfully owned title.. (sorry if I up set anyone personally with my super definally wrooonnng opinion).. I love both oppas dearly.. UGHHH sometimes the both of them get to me, so hard to think lol :) anyways Prince of Asia will always be JANG GEUN SUK OPPA!!!!!!! :) <3 this is a fact not opinion!! :) Sorry oppa :( <3
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