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Chapter 8
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff
Warning: Mild Language
If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/
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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
Taehyung POV
Taehyung was at school early because he had morning soccer practice. When soccer practice was over he rinsed off in the shower, changed into his uniform and headed to the classroom. He was one of the first ones in the room so he decided he would lay his head down on his desk. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. Half asleep he lightly listened as his classmates entered into the room. He was awoken out of his light slumber when he heard a small laugh from [Y/N].
Keeping his head on his desk he looked over at [Y/N] sitting and laughing with both Namjoon and Ellin. Taehyung felt jealousy rising up in him but he was so exhausted he chose to ignore it and them. He looked away from their cheerful circle groaning. ‘They are so loud,’ he thought as he closed his eyes again. This time, fully falling asleep.
Namjoon POV
Namjoon got to class before [Y/N] but this is exactly what he was aiming for. He wanted to greet her when she came in so he got her full attention, hopefully, right away. He got himself comfortable and pulled out his breakfast and started eating.
Not too long after [Y/N] came into the room. “Morning [Y/N],” Namjoon said excitedly spitting out some food. [Y/N] started laughing at him and sat at her desk. “Good morning Kim Namjoon,” [Y/N] said through laughter. Namjoon wiped his mouth and laughed a little.
“Sorry, I forgot I was eating.”
“How does one forget they are eating?”
Namjoon started blushing because he didn't know how to respond. Granted the reason why was because he was so excited to see [Y/N] he forgot he had food in his mouth. He was about to answer when he was saved by Ellin. “He tends to talk with his mouth full,” Ellin said as she sat down. [Y/N] and Ellin laughed together while Namjoon blushed more. “Hey stop teasing me! It's only morning,” Namjoon said as he took the last bite from his breakfast.
“By the way I'm Ellin,” she said waving over at [Y/N]. [Y/N] smiled and introduced herself as well, “[Y/N]. Is Ellin your real name or...”
“It’s a nickname. I like it more than my real name.”
“My friend Nana is like that too!”
The two girls laughed together and Namjoon started to feel left out. “Hey, can't I be in this conversation,” he asked. “Of course Kim Namjoon,” [Y/N] said, “Do you have a nickname?” Namjoon laughed a little and said, “Kind of. But why don't you just call me by my first name [Y/N]? There is no reason for us to be so formal with each other.” He shined her a full smile showing dimples and all causing [Y/N] to blush. “Are you sure I can? You're okay with that,” [Y/N] asked shyly.
“Of course! Also, is it possible to get your phone number?”
[Y/N] turned redder than before and pulled her phone out. “Y-yeah. If you put your number in then I will send you a text so you have it,” [Y/N] said handing Namjoon the phone. Namjoon took the phone from [Y/N], lightly brushing her hand. He could feel his face turning red at the light touch. He put his number in and handed it back to [Y/N] as he smiled from ear to ear. “Me too! Can I have your number too [Y/N],” Ellin asked. [Y/N] handed her phone to Ellin as well. Ellin put her number in and gave it back to [Y/N]. “I’ll send you a text Ellin when I get the chance,” [Y/N] said putting her phone away.
Namjoon was eager to continue the conversation so he looked at [Y/N] and asked, “What are you doing for lunch today?” “I’m eating with Nana as usual,” [Y/N] said with a smile. “You should join us Namjoon, I have lots of extra food.” Namjoon noticed how [Y/N]’s face blushed a light pink when she said his name. This made him smile gently and he could feel his heart race with happiness. “I’d love to,” he responded, “I’m excited to try your cooking.” [Y/N] turned super red and she was about to say something but was interrupted by Ms. Kim starting class. Namjoon turned around and smiled to himself, ‘How did I just survive that conversation. My heart feels like it is about to explode!’
You put your hand to your chest and took a deep breath. ‘Why is my heart racing so much,’ You thought trying to collect yourself. You could hear Ms. Kim talking but you weren’t paying attention. ‘It must be because I’m not used to talking to other people outside of Nana. That must be why my heart is racing. Anxiety.’ You took another deep breath feeling your body soothe. Feeling better you pulled out your supplies needed for class and did your best to pay attention.
During class you could feel yourself going in and out of focus. You pulled your phone out of your blazer secretly so Ms. Kim wouldn’t notice you. Opening it you started a text message:
To: Ellin
Message: This is [Y/N]
You hit the send button and locked your phone. You put it back into your blazer pocket and went back to try and pay attention to Ms. Kim. A few moments later you pulled your phone out again. You opened it and started to write a text, but you just stared at the screen, unable to type anything. You would start to type something but then would delete it right away. After doing this for about 5 minutes you finally settled on a message.
To: Namjoon
Message: ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿
You hit send and locked your phone instantly. ‘What the hell! A cat emoji, that’s what you settled on,’ you asked yourself as you face palmed yourself. You saw Namjoon pull his phone out and open it. Namjoon let out a chuckle snort and then clear his throat to keep himself from laughing. A few people turning to look at him but he did a good job of keeping calm. Your face turned red and all you wanted was to take back that message. A heavy sigh left your mouth as you laid your head on your desk. Your phone shocked you by the sudden buzz in your pocket. You unlocked the screen and saw it was a message from Namjoon. As soon as you opened the message you let out a similar chuckle snort as he did, but quieter so noone would notice.
From: Namjoon
Message: ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
‘A bear suits him,’ You thought while smiling, ‘cute.’ You put away your phone and made a larger effort to pay attention to class.
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