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Say something nice about all the members.
Zico Is My Sweet Baby! I Love him so Much!!! *Fangirling* okay, Okay, I need to calm down now.
I Love P.O. He's my Second Bias of Block-B .OMO, He's so Adorable!!!
I Love Kyung's Rapping. And He's really Cute.
U-Kwon is a Great Singer and I think he's Just Gorgeous. He can be a Block-B bias Wrecker for me sometimes. Stay in your lane, U-Kwon, I'm with Zico!
Honestly, I don't Think that Jaehyo gets enough Notice. I don't know why though, I Mean LOOK AT HIM!!! 😍
I Love B-Bombs Dimples, he's so Cute!
Taeil's Singing is amazing and I think he is Freakin' Adorable!