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Well here I am again.. Dying for this ships.. This card is dedicated to some of my favs.. SOOOO HERE WE GO....
1. Nyongtory (GD & Seungri) Big Bang Pairing.. I love GDs relationship with his Panda and u love how they both admit to nyongtory being real and the ship it.
2. Markson (Jackson & Mark) GOT7 PAIR. I'll never forget the day the official confirmed their ship it made me so happy to have them finally acknowledge it haha. They are so silly. I recently wento the "Fly In Chicago concert" and pictures do GOT7 no justice they are amazingly Gorgeous In real life if you haven't witnessed them.. Please attempt too when they come to your City (Country).
3. TODAE (Daesung & TOP) Big Bang Pairing My Fav Ship of them all my sweet Dae and my handsome ghost. Top being my Ultimate bias has nothing to do with the fact that I love the relationship between him and Daesung. They match each other perfectly. And they always take such good care of each other.
4. JONGTAE (taemin & Jonghyun) shinee pairing There is just something about these two that just screams FORBIDDEN. It's like it's almost a sin to watch them interact with each other.. After I seen "Internet war" I knew this shit would forever sail for me. Shinee is always pushing them boundaries but these two are never afraid to cross it.. Whew picking out these pics and gifs for them I almost died twice..
Well these are my top ships.. What are Yours and why do you ship them?
Official ships are the best ships
@XionHeart Yep!! hehe
omg beautiful