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I totally forgot I was the one who was suppose to make a card about this... my bad guys...
We have our killer leader @BBxGD... she kills us with all her pictures of sexy men. Lol!
We have our eomma @lilbr0wneyes... she keeps all of us in check.
We have our 4D/Alien dancer @MYAlpha... she always makes us laugh... expecially with her alien talk.
We have our lead vocal @amberg171997... she's the only normal one out of us... sometimes! :)
We have our Maknae (well... not really anymore) @KpopGaby, she is the innocent one... but not really innocent... lol jkjk!
We have our Maknae Jr. Alisha... (she's the real maknae... but @KpopGaby is in denial)... She's the youngest (the evil baby.)
And then there is me... The Visual/Rapper... shhhh... I'm crazy... *eye twitch*
I love all these girls! We have the best time in our chat! I'd tell you what goes on in there but....

What happens in K-Monsta Chat... stays in K-Monsta Chat... ;)

If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :)

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@amberg171997 So? YOU were the one that got the song stuck in my head not Shaila! You minion!
lol I will! goodnight Donghae's Wife and Jungkook's wife... lol we need therapy @KpopGaby @amberg171997
@KpopGaby lol 😂 but who wouldn't want a BTS song stuck in their head?
@ShailaZaman Yes we do. @amberg171997 I would, but not before going to sleep!
@KpopGaby it's ok we can have two evil maknaes. Yes people will be lost in our off the wall sometimes ok maybe mostly perverted chat😉