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Alright it took me longer to post this one because I didn't write any last night and I had to wait till later today to start writing....and there's alot I had deleted because I didn't like it....but now here we are with the next chapter.....There isn't any BTS in this chapter...but maybe a mention of one member. If you missed the last update by @SweetDuella click here for Part 25
“Oh my gosh! Give me!” Sarah said taking the panda army from Jenni. “Hey!” Jenni said and started pouting. “No one gets a panda until they answer questions right. We are going to find out who is more compatible with us.” “But I just want a panda” Jenni said “Shh, you might just be lucky enough to get one.” “No, just give me my panda!” Sarah started laughing. “Ok first question does Ruby like Movies or Books. Junior want to answer this one?” “Sure, I’m going to go with Books.” He says “Yay! You got it right! Here have a panda” Sarah said tossing a panda at Junior. “Ok next question is do Diamond and I like iced or hot coffee? Bambam what do you think?” Jenni asked “Iced” Bambam said “AWW no panda for you!” Sarah said “Yogi Bear do you want to try?” Jenni said “Sure! I’m going to say you both like both, it just depends on your mood or the weather.” “Damn you did good!” Jenni said with a laugh “Panda for you!” “Wait does this mean I don’t get a panda?” Bambam asked “You might not get one.” Sarah said while sticking her bottom lip out a bit to emphasize her being sad. “Alright next question for a panda is does Diamond like rain or sunshine? Jb.” Sarah said smiling at him. “Sunshine definitely.” “Panda for you!” Sarah tossed the panda at JB. “Ok moving on… more people need to guess wrong so I get the rest of the pandas!” Jenni said with an evil laugh. “Oh god that’s scary.” Sarah laughed “Who likes the color purple?” Sarah asked pointing at Jackson. “Diamond” “You got me wrong. I can’t believe I thought I loved you! I was so wrong!” Jenni said causing Sarah to bust up laughing. Jacksons face was priceless. He was so shocked and just stared at her wide mouthed. Sarah and Jenni start going into a fit of laughter with both of them running out of air. “Wait you don’t mean that! You have to still love me. I’ll do better give me a second chance.” Jenni started doing her evil laugh. “Ok… Panda or Tiger. I am handing this to you on a platter you better not screw it up.” “PANDA!” he screamed and Jenni threw a panda at him. “Ok we have two members left. And we might be nice and give Bambam a second chance like Jackson got.” Sarah said “Ok Ruby go ahead and ask the question.” “Who would die first in a horror movie Ruby or Diamond, Youngjae this is for you.” “Ruby. You said her nickname is Klutzy panda so she would trip and the killer would kill her.” “Oh my god that is so true, we said before that she would have a knife in her hand for self-defense and she would trip and stab herself to death.” Sarah started laughing clapping her hands together. “Fine take the panda!” Jenni said tossing it to him. “Does Ruby kiss on the first date? Mark what do you think?” Sarah asked while giggling. “Wait why that question?” Jenni asked “Because I wonder what mark thinks.” Sarah said still smiling “So Mark what’s your answer?” “Um…” his face started to turn a light pink. “ No she doesn’t” he finally answered. “Panda for you.” Jenni handed it to him nicely. “Alright last question for one of the last panda’s, Bambam this is going to you. What idol socks am I wearing today, and I will narrow them down. Lucky me I am actually wearing Got7 today so….. Jb, Jackson or Mark?” “Why am I not an option?” he asked “Because I knew you would pick yourself and I wanted to give you a better chance at getting a panda.” Sarah said “Ok I’ll go with JB because he is the leader of the group.” “And her bias” Jenni added “Here have the dang panda” Sarah gave to Bambam…”Alright now what we get to do now is start the panda war.” “What I don’t have a panda!” Jenni said looking upset. “Exactly! Now throw your panda’s at Ruby!” Sarah laughed and she threw her panda at Jenni and the rest threw them at her as well. “That was all Ruby lost this war.” Sarah laughed “Now let’s take a caller since we haven’t done that in a while.” “You’re on the air with Ruby, Diamond and Got7, who are we talking with?” Jenni said still laughing from under all the pandas. “Hi I’m Taylor! Oh man I wish I could have seen the panda’s go flying at Ruby.” “Hello Taylor! It was hilarious her face was like she was so happy to get the panda’s but so scared because they were all flying at her face at once.” Sarah laughed “Do you have a question for got7?” Sarah asked “Yea. My question is, is it hard for you guys to go out and not be able to have a normal day?” “Oh good question!” Jenni said “ Well, Honestly the way we live now is normal for us, so it’s not that hard, but I think you mean like a normal non idol day.” Junior said “Yeah.” Taylor said “I think sometimes it sucks when we are sick and have too many fans around us. I don’t want them getting sick from me.” Jackson said “Yea, but some of our fans stay a good distance away from us on our days off so we can still try to enjoy it; we just try to ignore the crowds.” Mark said “Huh, so do you ever get sick of it?” Sarah asked “Sometimes it’s exhausting but we love what we do and we love our fans.” JB answered “I like to talk to our fans, so when they say hi I’m all for having a small conversation real quick.” Bambam added in. “Does anyone else want to answer?” Jenni asked looking around at the remaining few who didn’t answer. They shook their head no. “Alright thank you Taylor for Calling in!” Sarah said “Bye Noona” They all said and then the call ended. " Alright looks like we are going to take a small break and then when we come back we are going to finish up with got7. "
“Ok we are going to ask you guys some more questions and then we will end it with a couple of your songs and then we can go eat. So start thinking of places you want to go.” Jenni said to the guys as the song was starting to end. “Alright we have a few more questions we want to ask, sadly we are coming to an end with our time with Got7” Sarah said with a pout. “Alright so now I am going to ask Who is your ideal type of Korean celebrity?” Jenni asked “Mina from Girls day” Jb said “Bora from Sistar” Mark said “Bomi from APINK” Junior stated “Sunny from SNSD” Jackson said “Suzy from Miss A” Youngjae stated “I have 2. Irene from Red velvet and Taeyeon from SNSD” Bambam said with a smile “Krystal from F(x)” Yugyeom said “Alright that was nice and quick now since you did a tour in America, How did you like America?” Jenni was excited to see what they thought of where the girls were from. “America was great! Although we did have some setbacks it was nice seeing out American fans.” Junior said with a smile. “I felt so bad for Dallas since I was sick and couldn’t perform, and to Chicago and New York and Atlanta I wasn’t at my best still and wasn’t able to go all out.” Youngjae said “Aww I think they all understand, the fact that you were still trying to please your fans shows how much you care about them.” Sarah said “We hope to do another tour again soon.” JB said “Oh I bet those fans would die if you went again.” Jenni laughed “Ok now what about what was your favorite stop?” Sarah added “How can we choose?” Jackson asked “Well I am going to say LA was because it was my hometown and I missed being there.” Mark said “Aww were you homesick?” Jenni asked patty his arm. “Just a little, I missed my family the most.” “Aww mark you are such a sweet man!” Sarah said making her hands into fists and pressing them against her cheek. “Ha thanks.” “I say it’s hard to pick which was our favorite because they all have their own best parts.” JB said “Ha that is a great answer!” Sarah smiled and bounced in place. “He’s good at answering things like that.” Junior added in “Alright now it looks like we have some callers,” Sarah hit the button “Hello you’re on the air with Diamond and Ruby and Got7. What’s your name?” Sarah said chiperry “My names Jax, I was wondering why they didn’t do the girl dances like they did here in Korea?” “That’s easy. Because here we have a lot more time to have more fun, but in the venues we were at in America had strick time limits for us.” Jackson stated right away. “Yeah that sounds about right” Jenni added in. “Yea when we lived there they never let the shows go past what maybe 11 at the latest if we were lucky.” Sarah said “Oh well then I’m glad i can see you guys here” Jax said with a giggle. “Thanks for calling in Jax!” Jenni said and clicked the button for the next caller. “Hi you’re on the air” Sarah quickly said “Hi, I was wondering why there wasn’t much skin ship on the American tour. My friend that lives there was upset she didn’t get much of it plus no Markson.” “What’s your name doll?” Jenni asked “Oh sorry I forgot to say it Serena is my name.” “Hi Serena, So who wants to answer this question from this lovely caller?” Jenni looked at them all. “I think why we didn’t do it is because we didn’t know how the venues would react to our skin ship, it’s different there than it is here.” Bambam said “Yea I agree, also Markson doesn’t always have to happen.” Junior snapped “Oh is someone jealous that they don’t get paired with mark or Jackson often?” Sarah poked junior in the side. “No.” he quickly snapped. “Oh Jenni we have a jealousy thing happening here.” Sarah laughed “It’s ok Junior I like you paired with JB.” “Seriously?” JB said looking at her. “Well yea, I mean there are those pairings that are just too hard to say no to. Right Ruby?” “Right!” “Serena are you still there?” Sarah asked “Yea.” “Thanks for calling in with this question, there reactions are so funny. I hope you can enjoy the rest of the show.” “I will. I Love you Youngjae!” she said and then hung up. “Youngjae you want to say something back, she is probably still listening.” “Serena I love you too” he said into the mic. “Ok so sadly our time has come to an end with GOT7” Sarah said “It’s so sad I had a lot of fun, I can’t believe we had 5 hours of fun.” “Thank you for coming on our show today.” Both the girls said “Yea we had a lot of fun.” Jb and Jackson said at the same time. “Alight lovely listeners we are going to leave you with a few songs from GOT7 and Ruby and I will see you tomorrow morning at 4am! Goodbye!” Sarah said while smiling. “BYE!” Jenni screamed as ‘just right’ started to play.
They walked out of the studio. “Good Job Ladies and Thank you for coming!” Julia said to the girls and got7. “Ok we are starving so we are going to go out and eat, well see you guys at 4am.” Sarah said pushing Jenni towards the door. “Wait my panda’s” “They will be there when we get back tomorrow.” “I need just one!” she said and ran back to the studio and grabbed one of the panda’s. “Alright I guess it’s eating with us.” Sarah said with a laugh. “Ok what did you guys pick for food.” Jenni asked “Ramen!!!” They all shouted happily. “Alright let’s go!” Jenni and Sarah said pointing out the door. “Hey Ruby do you like spicy food?” Mark asked “Oh wait we should probably tell you our real names?” “Those aren’t your real names?” Bambam asked “No, those are our radio names. Her name is Jenni and my name is Sarah.” “Oh those are pretty names.” Youngjae says. “Thank you” both the girls say. “Oh and mark no I don’t like spicy food.” Jenni quickly answered Marks question. After some small talk they ended up at a nice ramen shop and they all ordered different things. Sarah and Jenni split what they ordered so they could try more. Finally after they all ate as they were leaving they all decided that JB and Sarah would go get everyone Ice cream and then meet them at the park. After Jb and Sarah got the ice cream they head to the park. “So how long have you lived in Korea?” Jb asked “A little over 2 years now.” “Awesome. Do you like it here?” “Of course I never want to go back to America.” “What about your family.” “Jenni is my only family” “I’m sorry” “Don’t be, after my parents passed I lived with Jenni and her brother, oh god and stupid Dominic.” “Who’s Dominic?” “This guy who likes Jenni but won’t leave her alone, she’s oblivious to it and he keeps destroying our dates!” “Oh well thankfully he’s not here then.” Jb said with a smile and Sarah quickly picked up on it. “This is a date?” she questioned “Well, not an official but I want to count it as our first date.” Him saying this made Sarah stop and he stopped as well, and takes her hand in his. Sarah liked Jb but not like she liked Kookie and she thought this wrong even though her and Kookie weren’t even dating. “Jb...” Sarah started “Sarah?” she turned to the voice and froze. “Mike?” she said quietly. “It’s been a long time.” “Yea it has…” “Is this your boyfriend?” he asked and without hesitation she responded. “Yes, he is and we are on a date right now. Bye” then she pulled JB away from Mike and towards the rest of the group. “Who was that?” JB asked “My ex, Thank you for not denying being my boyfriend, I don’t know what he would do if he found out I was actually single.” “Was he controlling?” “Yes very controlling. I don’t even know why he is here. He hates Korea.” “What if he came to find you and take you back?” “Well it’ll be hard for him, when he thinks we are dating. Again thank you.” “Yea no problem I’m willing to be your real boyfriend if you want.” “I’m sorry Jb you are my bias and all and I do like you but I have my heart set on another.” “Oh that’s ok with a personality like yours I could see how you would have guys falling for you often.” “Nah that happens more to Jenni than me.” “Well here’s an idea, if you ever need a fake boyfriend you can always call me up and I’ll be up for it.” “Thanks JB.” Sarah gave him a quick hug and then they finished the short distance to the park and met up with the rest.
Alrighty that's it...we are done with got7...well maybe....but no more back to our regular scheduled story...Kookie Let us know if you want to be tagged or untagged in future chapters. Thanks to all the lovely readers put there who are enjoying this along me and Jenni.
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Sleeping...It's 3 am, so I should be sleeping....but noooo, I'm up waiting to read this part. :) Poor JB gets rejected. So should she tell Kookie or not....hmmm..
@pharmgirlerin I didn't have your name so I used your question and put it with @SerenaArthurs so I lulled 2 birds with 1 stone lol @TaylorPriddy your welcome
@SarahVanDorn Thanks so much for making me a caller, and I just loved how they called me Noona!! I squealed!! :3
Love this great interview, etc. And fun time with the boys. *tries not to call out to JB "Noona loves you!"* oops guess it didn't work.
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