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It may seem like the only popular boyband for the mando-pop genre is SpeXial. But, did you know a decade ago, these guys were the heartthrobs of their time?

183 Club

The group was formed in 2004 with five members - Johnny Yen (leader), Jacky Chang, Ming Dao, Sam Wang, Ehlo Huang. The number 183 was inspired by the average height of all the members combined. Although, only one of them is 183 CM, Johnny Yen. Before entering showbiz he was a professional basketball player.
Ming Dao, Sam Wang, and Ehlo Huang are known for acting in idol dramas. They are often cast together. Magician of Love (2006) and The Prince Who Turns into a Frog (2005) is one of the few dramas they appeared together.
They were quite popular when they first debut. They released OST for Heaven's Wedding Gown (2004) and the two dramas mentioned above. The group also won Best Original Soundtrack at the 2007 HITO Radio Music Awards.
If you watch Taiwanese drama, below are some familiar tracks!
183 Club - One More Page
First Album
183 Club - Affective Line
OST for Magicians for Love
183 Club & 7 Flowers - Hao Ai Tai, Hao Xiang Ta
The literal title means could translate to 'Really love him(her), Missing him(her).
These two groups collaborate quite often and actress Joe Chen was also part of this group became she became popular!
Here's another 183 Club & 7 Flowers collaboration!

Did you know about this group prior to this card?

@MattK95 That's how i discover 20% of my songs. Happy accident. =)
Nope but I'm gonna check them out. Thanks 馃榾
Only because I've stumbled across them before accidentally on YouTube, certainly a happy accident though XD
@merryjayne13 Warning, their youtube video quality is pretty low and their concept may feel old. Nonetheless, they're a fun group with a couple of timeless songs!