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The racing pit is the most dangerous place to be for a photographer but it also offers some good opportunities which track photographers will never get to shoot. You can achieve this particular shot with a slow shutter speed and a standard lens with about 50mm focal length in full frame. Notice that the wheels are blurred while the car remains relatively sharp. That's what movement is about and you need that in racing. Sports cars frozen in time isn't as exciting to capture as one that shows some form of movement.
Thanks! looking forward to it!!
@alise, @takashi02, let me write a blog on how it is done. Yes, it's called panning and it's quite fun to try if you are planning on shooting action.
maybe he is moving the camera while shooting the car?
I have one question concerning about shutter speed , how can u capture the fast movment of the car clearly, but tge the surround of it is blur ?