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Caution: This dessert isn't for the squeamish.

What do you do when you own a bakery and your client is a dermatologist nicknamed 'Dr. Pimple Popper'?

Well, if you're Blessed By Baking, you apparently make pimple-popping cupcakes!
Dr. Sandra Lee - the Southern California-based 'Dr. Pimple Popper' in question - is a YouTubing dermatologist that posts videos of her popping EXTREME ZITS in her office. Apparently, she just loves popping clogged pores, so it's really no surprise that she actually came up with the cupcake idea herself!
Watch the pimple popping in action, and then let me know:

Which one of you would still definitely eat these?

Confess your sins in the comments below, and for more jaw-dropping foods, follow my #FOODPORN collection!
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even if its a good flavor, I'll pass on try that cupcake 馃槀
Pimple popping is so satisfying and that cupcake looks delicious 馃槍馃構 (of course eating a real pimple is absolutely disgusting though 馃槹)
that's just gross.... nope for me
grossness!! no way! you should see my face right now! why did I even??? and when I'm just about to go to sleep... nightmares!!!