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She couldn't concentrate, his face was running a marathon in her head. When she got off work, she wandered the streets until her feet couldn't walk anymore. Walking up the street to her building, her feet dragging against the pavement, she came to a dead stop. His car was parked in front. She walked a little more slowly inching her way, her heart pounding hard in her throat, her knees starting to weaken.

She stood in front of his car but no one got out. When she peered inside the front window, she realized no one was inside. Looking up at her apartment, she seen her light on. All she could think of was of him gathering what little stuff he had left behind and him leaving her. She lingered for a moment not knowing what to do, she wasn't going to beg him to stay even though she don't want him to go. She wasn't going to come between him and his life, his family, his brother even though she wanted to stay at his side.

Her legs hurt like hell going up the stairs but she couldn't stop herself from going there. There was no where else to go but to just keep moving forward. She stood in front of her door, she readied herself for the worse. Whether that was for an argument and then him leaving or him just leaving the moment she walked in. She couldn't do it. Her heart was breaking all ready.

Just as she turned away to leave, the door opened. She felt a strong hand grab her arm painfully and pull her inside. She winced at the pain and grabbed for his hand to let go but that only tightened his grip.

He pushed her up against the wall, slamming the door closed. His gaze was freightening. Instinctively she tried to step away from him but he grabbed her again and dragged her across the room, throwing her on the bed. Before she could sit properly, he jumped on top of her, holding her down. She tried to push him off when he grabbed her by the wrists, holding them down above her head. She tried to struggle but his weight was too much.

His voice was deep and scary when he told her to stop struggling, so she did. She laid still not knowing what was going to happen.

"Why... " he says after a moment, "Why didn't you tell me?"

She took a deep breath, "Because whatever happened, I just wanted to forget it..."

"Why, did you think I would never find out? A secret that you were going to keep?"

She shook her head, even in this state, he was so beautiful. The intense look in his eyes, she had to swallow hard, keeping in mind what she needed to say, what she would have told him if it ever came up.,

"It meant nothing to me. If it had, you wouldn't be here, these past weeks wouldn't have been." she told him, his hard breathing hitting her in the face, "Truthfully... truthfully I liked you a lot! and when I found out about this game you two played, I had seen it as an opportunity to be with you so I played along. Then I found out that you really liked me and so I stopped playing, that's why I left early from that show. When he showed up at the hotel in Japan... I wanted to make it clear to him that I didn't want him and just be friends, nothing more. I really didn't think it would turn out the way it did." She closed her eyes tight, feeling as though at any moment he was going to walk out, "I love you, I know I do and if this has hurt you in anyway and you want to leave, then there's nothing I am going to do to stop you." Her voice cracked, she wanted to cry as the knot in her throat got tighter and bigger, harder to swallow.

He sat up, putting his hands on his thighs, his weight shifting to her legs. Looking down at her, he asked what had been killing him to know but yet not know, "Do you like him?"

She didn't hesitate to answer because there were no other answers, she didn't have to think of one because it would always be the same answer no matter how many times he asked. "No. I don't."

He leaned over her again, still keeping her eyes with his, his hands pressing down on the bed on either side of her head. She never looked away. Her warm hands went to the sides of his face, pushing his hair back.

"This is the face I see every day, the face I dream of..." Before she could finish, he wrapped his lips around hers. He kissed her deeply and passionately. He poured everything into, wanting to remind her who she belongs to.
When he woke up, he didn't want to leave, he pulled her close not knowing when he would be able to hold her like that again. She snuggled into his chest, an arm drapping over him. He hated leaving her. More and more he was starting to want to stay with her, come home to her, wake up to her. Kiss her good bye in the mornings, kiss her hello when he returns. It killed him but he left out the door.

The warm shower water stung as it ran down his back, the scratches were worth it though. Her nails had dug deep in some places. Where her teeth had penetrated were also at risk of causing him a little discomfort. He couldn't stop thinking about it. It had been more wild and passionate than before. It was like everything that was holding them back was gone, there were no boundaries. He had her on all fours at one point, he pulled her back into his arms and bit hard into that spot where her neck and shoulder met. The more he thought about it, the more he became aroused.

The shower curtain tore open as someone stepped in.

"You're taking too long!!"

He whirled around, his little hyung was standing behind him, his mouth gaping open.

"Wwwwhat happened? Did you get into a fight?" the mouthy one asked. He lightly touched his little brother's back and then realized what he was seeing, "oh my god little brother, Are you that good?" he said giggling.

He jumped out, "Hyung I wasn't done, I didn't even wash my hair yet." His hyung pulled him back in and told him to finish. He washed his hair quickly and got out. As he was getting dressed, his hyung poked his head out.

"Hey, so tell me did it feel good or did it hurt?" he asked seriously, glancing down at his little brother's crotch where he'd seen a dark red blotch on his member. He stared giggling again.

He shook his head at his hyung, smiling just a bit embarrassed, "I really don't remember. Next time, hyung, when your with a girl, ask her to do it and tell me if it hurts or not."

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