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[Game] If You Like ____, Then ____

Hey guys!

I just saw a quick challenge idea. Basically, you should say "If I Like (anime name), then..." in the comments, and someone else can say "If you like (anime name), you'll probably like (anime name)!"
Pretty easy, right?

Here's a few examples:

If you like Fate/Zero, then you'll like Kara no Kyoukai.
If you liked K-On!, then you'll like Daily Lives of High School Boys.
If you like Guilty Crown, then you'll like Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.
If you like bananya, then you'll like Donyatsu

Got it? Let's go!~~

Tagging some Nakama! Let's play! I'm bored :P
I loved both Devil is a part timer and Blood Lad xD @tayhar18920
Imma going to put some not well known anime ones they might be odd: If you like brother conflict you'll like diabolik lovers If you like Tokyo ghoul you might like death parade If you like the devil is a part timer you might like blood lad If you like aria the scarlet ammo you might like code breaker If you liked kamisama kiss you might like fruits basket If you like kamigami no asobi you might like akatsuki no yona Those are just some I have tons more but that'd be enough for now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@hikaymm
if you like anime/manga, you'll probably like being my friend .......is this okay
if you like Oreimo, you'll like Nogizaka no Himitsu if you like Dance with Devils, you'll like Dance in the Vampire Bund. if you like Snow White with the Red Hair(?), you'll like Yona of the Dawn. if you like K (Project), you'll like Code Geass.
If you like Fairy Tail you'll probably like Rave Master 😜 get it 😜
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