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Beijing's air is unsafe for people sixty percent of the time. In fact, this winter (while I was in China) the amount of particulate matter in the air was 40x higher than the WHO exposure limit.
Check out the card I just put up for more on this
@cutisb well i went back more then 6 years ago but i haven't been back yet but wanna but ben really busy hope 2 make a visit soon inshaallah whenever the time comes but i really do hope and pray dat smthng cd be done to prevent this bcd it seems like areally big issue
@roselee89 I think most people have a good enough level of awareness about global warming but not enough awareness about what we can do to change it. There's also not enough will to change it. Though the US is doing better than almost every other country
@saharjalpari9 I've never met someone from pakistan thats really exciting! Have you been back?
@saharjalpari9 If we pollute less, if we implement carbon permit trading.... it will be prevented easily. If not....
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