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**Next Morning**
Yoona's POV:
I woke up, screaming holding my neck. Images from the dream kept playing over and over in my head. I curl in to a ball and cried. I heard rustling near my door, and AeNi came running in. I gave her look that said "I'm scared". Without saying a word she came and embraced me in a hug saying "It's ok. It was just a dream."
"It felt so real." I cried in her shirt. She hugged me tighter. "Come on. It's time to get ready for school. Go to the bathroom and wash up. Imma go change." She said and wiped the tears from my face. I nodded and got out of bed.
Before I could reach the bathroom, I heard a knock at the door. "Mail!" Said a man. I went to the door and opened to greet the mailman "Lee Yoona-shi?" He asked. "Ne. That's me." I nodded. He gave me a letter. I bowed a thank you and he walked away.
I look at the handwriting and it looked really familiar. I opened the letter and began to read:
To my baby Yoona,
Hey sweetie, how have you been? I hope you are doing well. I am very sorry that you are not aware of my presence, up until now, and that I was not around for these past three years. I really want to see you again Yoona. I miss your smile, you laugh and your warm hugs. Here is my number ***-***-****. Please please call me Yoona. Let's catch up on the old times.
Your oppa,
Lee SooHyuk.
"SooHyuk? SooHyuk is alive?" I felt a tear go down my cheek. "Yoona, who is SooHyuk?" I jumped and turned to AeNi who looked concerned. "SooHyuk is my older brother. I never mentioned him because he was so dear to me. When my parents passed away, I heard that he committed suicide because he didn't want to show his face to me. Well turns out that he never did." I said showing her the letter. "Are you sure it's not a fake?" She asked with a scared look on her face. "I'm positive. This is my oppa's handwriting. No one can copy it. Even I can't. I'll text the number later. After school. Let's hurry." I answered and walked to the bathroom.
**At School**
Once I reached the classroom, I saw that they (silver head's group) was already there. The red head kept looking at me but I could care less. I reached my seat and pulled out my phone. I should at least give it a try. I do miss my brother a lot. I type the number and sent a text:
To SooHyuk:
Hey... it's Yoona. Is it really you? Or is this a joke?
I received an answer in a matter of seconds.
From SooHyuk:
I'm the only one who calls you sweetie. If you want me to prove it, I will pick you up afterschool. Do you live alone?
To SooHyuk:
No. I live with a friend.
I really want to see if it is really you. Please come and pick us up. Class is starting, I have to go.
I waited for his reply and sent him the address to the school and what time it finished before I put my phone away.
Leo's POV:
I watched as Yoona and her friend began to walk into class. Yoona looked bothered by something. I kept watching her as she fiddled with her phone. It looked like she was questioning herself about something. The conversation she was having with the other person was short. She looks very concerned. Wait, why am I even worried about her? I shake the thought out of my head. "Hyung, are you ok? You look bothered by something." Hyuk asked touching my shoulder. I shook his hand off. "I'm fine."
Yoona's POV:
**2 hours into class**
I'm having trouble concentrating in class. Could it be him? Or am I going insane. The teacher seemed to have caught that. "Ms. Lee? Is everything alright?" Mr. Park asked, concerned. "Ne, Mr. Park. I didn't sleep well that's all." I lied. He nodded and continued to give class....
**Afterschool **
"Yoona, are you sure it's him? I'm pretty worried." AeNi asked me as we waited. "It's worth a shot AeNi."
We waited for about 15 minutes when I saw a car roll up near us. I saw 3 men walk out. Two looked familiar. But one of them reconized immediately..... my brother.
He took off his shades and without thinking I ran right into his open arms. "Oppa!!" I cried on his shoulder. "I thought you were dead!". He put me down and looked into my eyes. "I was scared to show my face to you, sweetie. I thought it was best to fake my death." He replied, tears coming down his cheeks. I looked over at the two boys standing beside us. One had blonde hair and the other one had brown hair. Both with red, puffy eyes.
"Hi." I smiled and waved at them. "Yoona, these are your cousins, Mark and Jackson. I don't know if you remember them or not." SooHyuk said as he placed a hand on my shoulder "Jackson is the blonde one and Mark is the light brown headed one." "We're the only ones left." Jackson said looking down. "Only ones left? What does he mean oppa?" I looked at SooHyuk confused. SooHyuk gave Jackson a glare then looked down at me "I'll explain everything when we get home." I nodded.
SooHyuk's POV:
He just couldn't keep his mouth shut! Jackson why can't you be more like Mark! I looked through my mirror and saw Yoona laughing. I am glad to see Yoona again but now we have to tell her what happened.
As we made our way to the house, I looked into the mirror and saw Yoona and her friend talking to Jackson and Mark. "Yah Yoona, you haven't introduced your friend to us." I chuckled as Yoona looked down embarrassed. I missed seeing that face. "This is AeNi. She is my best friend. We live together, since...you know.." her voice began to trail off. Mark placed a hand on her shoulder as in saying 'everything will be OK'.
Once we reached her home, we all sat around in the living room. "Ok....now tell me, what did Jackson mean by 'We're the only ones left.'" Yoona looked concered. "Sweetie, everyone in our family is no longer alive. When they went to go after your aunt and uncle, I was able to get Mark and Jackson to a safe place." I said as I took her hand. Her eyes widened. "We don't know who it was. But when SooHyuk hyung told us that you were still alive, we wanted to come and meet you. And of course to protect you." Mark said as he looked down at his hands. "But now it looks like we have to protect your friend as well." He looked up again this time looking at AeNi.
AeNi's POV:
So Yoona's family was murdered? I looked up and meet Yoona's eyes. She looked as shocked as I did. "SooHyuk-shi, are you sure we are safe? From them? We are not even sure where they will strike." I said as I brought my knees to my chest. "We will protect both of you in any way we can AeNi-shi." Jackson said. "Well where are you going to stay?" Yoona asked as she got off the couch. "We will spend the night, then we will bring our stuff tomorrow and stay here permanently."Mark replied.
Yoona's POV:
As the hours passed, I slowly began to remember Mark and Jackson. Turns out that we were the best of friends. All four of us. "Alright kids, bed time." SooHyuk said as he came from the kitchen. We all groaned as we got up from the floor, we were all watching a movie while laying down.
Once I reached my room, I heard a knock on my door, I gave the signal to come in and SooHyuk walked through the door. "Hey sweetie." He said as he ruffled my hair. I missed this. I took that time to attack him in a hug. This caught him by surprise. "Are you OK?" He chuckled. "Can we stay like this for a little bit. I really missed this." I muffled in his shirt. Then I feel his arm wrap around me. "Of course we can."
We stayed in that position for about a couple minutes until I pulled away yawning. This caused SooHyuk to let out a chuckle. "Alright sleepy head, bed time for you." He lead me to bed and tucked me in. Just like he used to. "Good night princess." And with that I was met with darkness.
Mark's POV:
What is that noise? I swear Jackson, if it's you, I will knock you out. I looked over and saw that Jackson was sound asleep. He was not making a noise. SooHyuk hyung was asleep as well.
I stretched and got up to see where that noise is. I began to follow the noise when I came right in front of Yoona's room. I could slightly hear her heavy breathing and I slowly began to get worried. Maybe it's normal? I gave a closer listen, she then screamed. Without thinking I ran into the room.....
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