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You didn't get more isolated in school today. It used to be only the girls ignoring you ( and being mean, but nothing physical ) to you, now even the boys don't wanna talk to you. Some of them seemed unwilling to do so, but they're all scared of the scissor boy taehyung pointed out yesterday. Miki was, also terrified of him and the girls, so she didn't talk to you. She tried her best to help you indirectly thought, you could see. Waiting by the school gate, you let yourself stand by the corner, waiting for one of them to come. "Hey you!" You looked up, ah blonde. You called her blonde, everyone did because she asked the others to for some odd reason. "What blonde?" "Why are you with gangsters?" she asked, and she seemed genuinely curious. You didn't know how to answer her, you didn't want to tell her the truth. As you were frantically thinking of a lie inside your head, Blondie rolled her eyes and flipped her ponytail to the back. Meanwhile, Miki was looking from afar, clenching her uniform, Her sister wasn't here yet, and she didn't want to ask the teachers for help. They'd only make things bigger. "You know, you can tell us your parents abandoned you to them. I mean, i would've done the same, you're a complete weirdo." You stayed silent, looked like you're hardly even fazed by her words. Blonde sneered at you when she realized she failed at trying to make you sad. Looking around, Miki's eyes sparkled upon Jungkook and Yoongi's arrival. Not that she knew them, but she got the vibe from them. The confident walking posture. The blond and purple hair, she remembered Jimin has red. Miki clumsily ran over and tucked on Jungkook's sleeve. Jungkook looked down and pulled his hand away, "What?" "Meena, there, save her." Jungkook and Yoongi turned where she's pointing and there you were, standing in front of a girl who seemed to be blabbering nonstop. Your expression didn't look so good. "See!? i doubt you have feelings at all, you're not even crying at what im saying. You absolute weirdo." Blonde scoffed Jungkook smiled amusement before stepping up to pick you up from the group, holding you in his arms. Blonde looked up and was immediately intimidated by his height. Her father wasn't even that tall. "Let's go." he said before walking off, completely ignoring the girl. Yoongi laughed before crouching down to the girl's eye level. "Look fake blonde, just because she didn't cry doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings." Yoongi said "She's just strong, ok, just because you're weak and cry over lame shit doesn't mean Meena does too." "Now, do you want a lollipop or a tissue so you can cry over the harsh shit i said?" Yoongi asked Blonde's brows narrowed but she turned away. Yoongi smiled in victory before walking off. Jungkook shook his head in disapproval, "Tsk, tsk, arguing with a seven year old?" "Woah, Jungkook, i'm just telling her the truth." You had your arms around Jungkook's neck, you mr head on his shoulder. His walking was making you sleepy. "Bong Bong, Kookie..." you said. They didn't respond, but you know they were listening. "Yes you are, for not being scared of us even though you know who we are" Jungkook chuckled "But hey, being a weirdo i great, weird people are fun to be with." Yoongi added You nodded slowly before extending your hand because you knew Yoongi was walking behind Jungkook. He hesitated a little. You kept your hand outstretched before you felt a large one wrapping itself  around your small one, holding it loosely. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You were whining, again. Namjoon was doing his best to keep his patience, teaching you how to finish your homework was tragedy. "What kind of seven year old needs to understand the functions of a brain?!" Taehyung groaned, flipping through his slightly torn biology book. "It's called extra knowledge for a reason Taehyung" Jin said from the kitchen. They Finally have money to buy food to cook, after you came along. "But those are bullshit!" Taehyung yelled. Sensing a bad word coming, Hoseok had already covered your ears. You looked at him with a playful glare, "What are you doing Hobi?" "Nothing, just bored." he smiled at you. You gasped a little and giggled. You put down your pencil and reached over to poke his dimple. Hoseok stayed frozen at the spot before he pulled back in surprise, "What are you doing?" "Dimples! Hobi has cute dimples!" you said smiling widely. Hoseok shot you an annoyed look. " I am not cute ok" "But why not? Cute is great" you said, writing down the solution to the question and Namjoon finally groaned in relief. Just as Hoseok was about to reply, you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. Your expression changed instantly, your smile fading quickly. Yoongi raised an eyebrow, "Everything ok Meena?" You looked up before nodding. You got off the chair and walked to the bathroom, " I uh, need to bathroom. Hold on a second." Locking the door, you got into the showering area and sat down on the small chair. You finished out your phone from your pocket and pressed the home button. 2 voice messages from ❤️ Appa You gulped, your hands shaking a little. Had he finally realized you've been gone? Was he finally going to urge you to do something you don't want to do? You listened to his voice messages and realized you kind of miss your dads voice. You put down your phone later on, it was as you expected, he was asking you to do what you didn't want. You sent him a text then, No *sent* You got out of the bathroom and saw them sitting by the table, you got on your seat and sighed heavily. "Are you sure you're ok? Did you have a stomach ache?" Jin asked concerned. You almost teared up, thinking how they'll be in danger now that your father realized you're with them. However, like Yoongi said tough it up and face the truth. With a shake of your head, you forced a smile. "No jinie, i'm fine! 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