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Fixing the belt attached to the money bag, Jin smiled at you and stood back straight. Since the activity needed to be carried out under a guardian's company, they figured why not just go with you together. "Alright everyone, guys just need to be back before four o' clock with the bag, am i clear?" a teacher asked, standing in front of a crowd of parents and students. He dismissed you guys then, and everyone went to different directions. You looked up, "Where are we going?" Jim shrugged, "I don't know, where do you feel like going?" You lowered your head and kicked a few rocks on the floor. "I don't know much around this district. Appa usually just have people drive me around, I don't need to remember where the places are." Nodding as if he understood, Jin grabbed your hand, "Well then, how about we go for a walk?" "A walk? Are we doing something important?" Taehyung asked, snapping his finger a dew times. "Important as in collecting people's money instead of stealing or beating up people for it?" Shooting a glare at Taehyung's way, Jimin then glanced at you briefly and sighed in relief when you didn't hear what Taehyung just said. It wouldn't be good if you heard that and starting having negative thoughts about them, Jimin thought. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I bet some of them used their own money." Yoongi smirked, standing beside Namjoon who simply chuckled when you smiled at the lady im front of you. No one has turned you down yet, fortunately. It'd make them look bad if they rudely ignore a primary school student and well, everyone wants to look good. Plus the fact that they were standing just behind you and no one wants to get threatened or anything early in the morning. Turning around, you waved at them. "Bong Bong! Joonie! Come on!" Yoongi heaved a sigh when you called him 'Bong Bong' again. It wasn't that he didn't like the nickname, its's cute but he's just mot the type to appreciate nicknames made for himself. And you just had to yell it in public. "My reputation m is gone. My swag reputation. Yoongi muttered, making Namjoon laugh. "What swag reputation? For your information, you're just some dude who fights in the alley." "With six other dudes." Yoongi added himself before running up to catch up with you guys. Walking along the street was quiet empty, the restaurants located here have very less customers. Waving the third page of stickers, you ran ahead of them and turned around. " CANT YOU GUYS WALK FAS-" you looked left, where your sticker paper flew. "Ah, it fell." You waked after it, not noticing how you're inside an alleyway. You crouched down to lick it up before feeling a pair of hands sneaked around your torso. "Got cha!" the person lifted you up and sprinted. it's not them. This is not their voices. A piercing scream rang through the alleyway. They looked at each other,eyes wide. It's got to be you, you just walked in there. Jungkook ran in the alley first, being the fastest one in the whole gang. He frantically searched for your sight as the others quickly rushed in and cursed. "Why are alleyway so fucking complicated?" Hoseok yelled, ruffling his har in frustration. The man holding you cursed loudly when he realized he went to a dead end. Unfortunately for him, they were just standing somewhere near that certain dead end. They boy turned around and you broke into a faint smile when you saw familiar faces. "I'm f-" your breath hitched within your throat as the man placed a pocket knife near your cheek, the tip pointing threateningly at your delicate skin. Their gaze darkened. Taking a careful step forward, Jin held up his hand. "Woah there, put her down and we're good." The man raised an eyebrow, "Not charging forward immediately like you guys used to do?" They didn't answer but they knew they had the answer in their mind. They're not going to take the risk, not going to let you get harmed. "Ah i see, who are you?" he asked, his question directed towards you. He looked back up before his smile widened "Ok, i'll let her go." Placing you down on the floor, you thought you're finally free, but that's not it. The man still drew the knife across your cheek, creating a bloody line. You yelled in pain and crouched down, your hand pressed tightly against the spot---that drew the line. Luging himself forward, Taehyung and Jungkook attacked the man while the others turn around to face the man's friends who they realized had join the fight. You scooted to the back, your eyes wide in horror as you watch them beat each other up. "Stop it....stop it...that's enough." you lept muttering throughout the fight. You watched the man and his crew being totally neaten up, you had thought they're going to stop but they didn't. Finally restraining themselves, they stopped, panting heavily. Taehyung wiped his mouth before turning to you, his gaze softened. Searching for your eyes, all they could see was horror. Their heart dropped and shoulder slumped, you're terrified, terrified of them. Just the thought of that was enough to break their tough hearts into pieces. It's funny how staying with a person a few days can do. Yoongi gulped painfully when you took a step back and hit your back against the concrete wall. How they used to like the feeling they get when people looked at them fearfully and shrunk away, it made them feel powerful. Now they're just sad, broken. "Meena, We-" "They said sorry." you said, "They're bleeding. Why didn't you guys stop?" "They..." they couldn't find any words. That's what they do, they stop when they feel satisfied. How were they suppose to tell you that? "C-can we just , g-go to school?" stuttering, Namjoon asked, holding out his hand. You hesitated, looking at the large hand that had held yours throughout most days, going to and back from school. It was also the same hand that had beaten up the poor man up, making him cough up blood. Noticing your hesitation, Namjoon retrieved his hand. "Y-you can walk in f-front of us, if you don't want to walk w-with is. We understand..." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And do you did, walking in front of them while they watched you from behind. Clutching your hands into fist, you paid your attention on the ground. A few strangers had tried to warn you about them, thinking they're gonna do something to you, but judging by how lost they're looking they doubt it. Finally reaching the school, the teacher was waiting for you guys since you guys were late. Her eyes widened and was startled when you ran to her. She picked you up and you buried your face into her shoulder. "What ha-actually, come in. Our nurse is still here, w-" "It's ok. We'll just leave...just," Hoseok said, gesturing towards you. "Send her back when she feels better, i don't think she really wants to see us right now." Confused, but the teacher nodded before carrying you back to the school. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Understanding the situation, your teacher sat down beside you, her bag in her hand ready to leave. If she successfully convince you to go back, then she'll bring you to them, if not, then you'll just have to stay with her. "Meena." she said softly. You were looking ahead, your brows slightly furrowed and your bottom lip jutted out a little. You could tell you've hurt their feelings, you're not very happy with yourself either. "I used to think you're naive for trusting them, that only haven't seen the worst of them yet. And once you did, you'll leave." she said. "But now that i think about it, they're showing their bad side for you, to save you. Isn't a bad thing." "You have to understand sometimes people will will go out of their way to protect the one they love." your teacher said. "In this case, they'll need to show their bad side to protect you. Now that you've seen the worst of them, it's your choice whether you would accept it or not." Glancing at the clock for the millionth time, Jimin sighed. Jungkook couldn't focus on the game he was playing, slamming his first fist on the keyboard until Namjoon yelled for him to shut up. Taehyung sitting on the sofa, slumped against it as he stared at the wall, looking like a lost child. Yoongi scanned the living room before letting out an sardonic chuckle. Heartless? No feelings This don't look like no feelings to me at all. The doorbell rang and they turned their head over in unison before Jin went to open the door. "Hello sorry for being this late." the teacher said before urging you in. Jin thanked her and closed the door. You slowly put down your bag and looked at them with a sheepish smile. Walking to the nearest person, which was Hoseok. You climbed onto his lap and hugged him by his neck. "Are you mad at me?" Staying silent, you took that as a yes. "Sorry" Hoseok slowly pressed his hands on your back. "We aren't mad at you, we can never be mad at you Meena" Your teary eyes widened and you pulled back a little. You sat down on Hoseok's lap and held his hand tightly. " I love you guys." you confessed, wiping your eyes. "I love all very much" I love you What a phrase, a powerful one. How long has it been since they last heard it, and it was directed towards them? Their hearts melted, they felt warm and a sense of delight. Taehyung beamed, "I love you too~" You smiled as the others started to return the same thing. Until Yoongi who muttered 'me too' instead with slightly blushed cheeks. Namjoon chuckled, "Alright kiddo. Does your cheek still hurt?" "Kiddo, is that my new nickname?" you asked, giggling up at Namjoon. The boy smiled down and squeezed your other cheek. "Yes it is, now is your other cheek ok?" "Seonsaeng said it will heal, but i need to have this here for the time being." you pointed at the bandage. "That's good the." Jin said in relief. "You won't look good with a scar. Another beautiful face ruined. But i mean, not that i'd mind that bu-" "Uh-Jimin hyung, everyone knows i'm the prettiest one here" Jungkook said, waving his hand dramatically. 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